We apologize on the behalf of our spam catcher – we have already shove 3 Gigaslaves up its ass.

Hi everyone:

It seems like our faithful spam catcher, Akismet, which is an awesome spam catcher despite its flaws, have made some mistakes and marked some good and great comments from some of our faithful readers as spam. After threatening HAL…I mean Akismet with firing at it with the Buster Rifle, the Spirit Gun, the Pirate Cutlass custom beretta, the anti-Akuma beam gun from Alan’s arm, the Gigaslave, and the Moon Gorgeous meditation (beam…energy…or whatever it is), it finally promised to do better next time.

Seriously. I’m a theta geek and I have no idea why it did that. But we apologize for the mistake. Sorry, Miina-sama!

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