I’m Not Dead Yet

Just wanted to assure everyone that I’m not dead yet from this blog. I am not on hiatus so much as simply immersed in the end of the quarter with 4 papers due soon, and lots of things happening in Real Life ™ too. Like actually working out at the gym, for a change. (You can take away my otaku license now, boys.)

There will be new content this week for certain, including a lengthy piece that I hope you will enjoy. Plus the next episode of the podcast, if I can find time to edit it. So stay tuned, dear readers.

6 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead Yet

  1. hmm was just scrolling through your hilarious posts on bamboo blade, kimikiss, h20, wolf and spice and all that other stuff. i’m watching what you’re watching! are crunchyrolls part of your anime diet?

  2. I’ve been sorta dead for awhile as well Michael. That house fire really messed with everything and it even killed my computer which it seemed to be fine at first. I now got a new computer and got internet finally at the temporary house so I’m finally ready to rock and roll with the podcasts again. I gotta catch up with the episodes of Anime Diet Radio that I’ve missed.

  3. @Alex: I don’t write the Bamboo Blade posts. 🙂 As for Crunchyroll, sometimes I use it to preview things briefly, but not often. I prefer high quality vids.

    @Benu: I’m so sorry to hear about your house fire…I hope things recover soon, especially your podcast!

  4. @Benu – house fire? Damn that sucks ass. Hope things turn much better for you soon.

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