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And how do you do?

Hi everyone!

In an effort to get Mike to stop chasing me around with a giant metal fan of doom, I’ve decided to finally say hello to all of you! (Just kidding, Mike’s too nice to chase me around with a metal fan, it was actually paper) I’m one of Anime Diets newest (and female!) writers, and I’ll be writing mostly anime reviews! That is if I can ever actually get a hold of the anime.

You see, I have notoriously bad luck with torrents. I think I have the touch of death to be honest. I download them after checking their stats and magically they’ll suddenly have no seeders. My friend who used to find good torrent links for me, refuses to send them to me until he’s done downloading first, in fear that I’ll kill it with magic internet bad luck.

Anyways, I’ll try to do my best reviews for you, and if nothing else I’ll post with random otaku goodness as often as I can! It’s great to meet you, please leave a comment and say hello! =^.^=

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