A Rambling Conversation about the Winter 2010 Season

Or, what happens when Ray (rayyhum777) and Mike (sarethiii) start talking. An (relatively) unedited transcript–it’s us, in the raw! And this is all the winter preview you people are gonna get!

For reference, see Chartfag’s table of the upcoming season as well as the link referenced below.

rayyhum777: http://brianandrew.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/winter-2010-anime-season-preview/
rayyhum777: check out Seikon no Quasar

sarethiii: gainax is doing a show about kindergarten?

rayyhum777: oh that.
rayyhum777: yeah.
rayyhum777: I haven’t read the manga.
rayyhum777: it’s about little kids, really little kids…and it creeps me out.
rayyhum777: there is a reason I didn’t mention it.
rayyhum777: because I fear this may be moe to the degree of pure pukeage.

sarethiii: hah. ic

rayyhum777: i’m watching Seikon no Quasar.

sarethiii: and so will Mike (my friend, the Queens Blade fanboy), I’m sure

rayyhum777: tell Mike #2 about this show – it’s about big breasted girls and alchemists (men AND women) drawing power from breast milk!!!
rayyhum777: That one is going to be faps heard around the world!

sarethiii: actually he said in his tweet
sarethiii:Chu-bra” and “Sora Wo Noto” are interesting to him
sarethiii: but I’m sure once I mention the QB comparison he’ll be all over it

rayyhum777: ah. Chu-bra.
rayyhum777: that’s a show about designing underwear for high school girls.

sarethiii: yeah the plotline was…ehhhh?
sarethiii: I wonder if Katanagatari will be any good

sarethiii: it’s not done by Shaft, unlike Bakemonogatari
sarethiii: and it seemed to me that the Shinbo style was integral to Bakemonogatari

rayyhum777: this one has nothing to do with Bakemonogatari!
rayyhum777: oh the novel was written by the same guy.
rayyhum777: so?
rayyhum777: the story and animation is very kiddish.

sarethiii: a very “flat” style of animation there I see
sarethiii: and apparently it’s an ova.

rayyhum777: I’m also watching Vampire in the Dance Bund.
rayyhum777: I’m sorry but the power of the powerful Vampire loli side is too strong for me! XD
rayyhum777: I must be getting really old!

sarethiii: oh finally, a show about vicious vampires!
sarethiii: the whole vampire thing has been so corrupted lately by Twilight…

rayyhum777: yeah, well, still a loli with throng and no bra.

sarethiii: vampires and werewolves…
sarethiii: and, I see, this is a Shaft production as well.
sarethiii: They must be very busy up there.

rayyhum777: yer damned right.
rayyhum777: I already have the shows that I will be watching – both with sexual images!
rayyhum777: Seikon no Quasar and Dance in the Vampire Bund.
rayyhum777: or is it Vampire in the Dance bund???
rayyhum777: Or it is Al Bundy becoming Vampire?

sarethiii: ahahaha
sarethiii: everything can be improved
sarethiii: if you just make the main characters vampires or zombies
sarethiii: there’s even Jane Austen parodies
sarethiii: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

rayyhum777: wow…

sarethiii: it’s a best seller. It’s going to be a movie.
sarethiii: The opening line is a killer
sarethiii: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.”

rayyhum777: seriously?

sarethiii: yes, seriously.
sarethiii: There’s even a follow up.
sarethiii: Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters

rayyhum777: there is Higashi no Eden’s movie coming.

sarethiii: that’s right, it was delayed considerably.

rayyhum777: yep.
rayyhum777: it’s so easy for those guys to get voters.
rayyhum777: I just voted.
rayyhum777: not even sure why.

sarethiii: vote for what?

rayyhum777: this site’s poll on the winter show.

sarethiii: ah

rayyhum777: there is Durararararararara.

sarethiii: that looks like a very stylish show
sarethiii: it’s from the creator of Baccano
sarethiii: a show that many people have told me is excellent.
sarethiii: I couldn’t follow the first ep very well

rayyhum777: hey, I got an idea, why not just post our conversation about this preview just now as an article?
rayyhum777: that’s our winter preview article!
rayyhum777: post this as a humor article.

sarethiii: hmm
sarethiii: sure
sarethiii: though I wonder how many of the in-jokes to leave in
sarethiii: like the references to my roommate

rayyhum777: everything.
rayyhum777: (even what I just typed.)
rayyhum777: SEX! and loli violence! SEX! and breast Milk!

Detailed preview: Hashihime.

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  1. Durararararara

    (I’m also trying to work out if the line “it’s so easy for those guys to get voters” is a stab at us or not…)

  2. anime is all about BOOBIEEESSS!! yaaay boobies…
    and PANTIEEESS!!! yaaay panties….
    Someone shoot me, idk what to expect from japan anymore… only real anime i am anticipating now is just DUUURRRR…

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