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Gen Manga’s Wolf

Naoto is a rising boxer determined to defeat his father, who abandons his family years earlier to become a boxer himself. He journeys to Tokyo,…

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Revisiting FLCL

Dark Horse republishes a much loved anime’s manga counterpoint, but does it hold up in another medium?

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Take a Chance on The Wandering Son

To clear it out of the way, if you are a anime viewer, then The Wandering Son anime is on Crunchy Roll. But if you…

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MMF: Sailor Moon Artbooks

If you happen to google “Sailor Moon” “Manga” “Artbooks”, you shall definitely see images from the volumes of Sailor Moon. This is a series of…

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Thoughts about Gate 7

Chikahito Takamoto is a normal high school student from Tokyo visiting his dream city of Kyoto. While visiting a site, he comes upon a battle…

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An evening with Vertical’s Tasting for Drops of God

Rarely has there been a story that would inspire the interest of an industry outside of its target audience. However, this has been the success…

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