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Michael lives in the Los Angeles area, and has been into anime since he saw Neon Genesis Evangelion in 1999. Some of his favorite shows include Full Metal Alchemist, Honey and Clover, and Welcome to the NHK!. Since 2003 he has gone to at least one anime convention every year. A public radio junkie, which naturally led to podcasting, he now holds a seminary degree and is looking to become Dr. Rev. Otaku Bible Man any day now. Michael can be reached at You can also find his Twitter account at @gendomike.
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AM2 2012: Toshihiro Kawamoto Panel Livetweets

Here’s the Storify record of my live tweets during the Toshihiro Kawamoto (Studio Bones animation director) panel at AM2 convention!

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The Brotherhood of Angst: Tsuritama, Kids on the Slope, and Male Bonding

Mike waxes about the similarities between Apollon and Tsuritama, the two best shows of the season for him. It’s male bonding time!

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Hi there (again). We’re Anime Diet.

A welcome message to all those coming in from the Aniblog Tourney. We’ve done a lot. 🙂 Won’t you vote for us?

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Spit Take: Why Mysterious Girlfriend X’s shock value works

Mike makes a case for why drool has to be there to shock the audience in Mysterious Girlfriend X, while attempting to write an article under 1000 words!

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Jazz Hands: “Kids on the Slope,” Jazz, and Me

A musical memoir about how Mike, a classically trained pianist, learned to swing in his high school years, with reference to the new anime Kids on the Slope. Includes a terribad piano solo recording of “Moanin'” from 1998!

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May’n: An Exclusive Interview

In our exclusive interview with May’n, we ask her about what anime she likes, what she feels about American fandom, and other musical questions! Find out what she thinks about Guilty Crown and more!

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