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2nd Day of Christmas – Stand Up For Your Otaku Woman


Today’s moment is brought to you by on of more interesting shows from the summer season, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, in which all of Haruka’s friends stand up to her father in defense of her fandom.

A number of titles in recent years have either questioned, poked fun at, or even demonized certain kinds of otaku fandom. Titles like Genshiken, Welcome to the NHK!, Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Chaos;Head and even Kannagi have spoke directly about otaku to otaku. Nogizaka Haruka stands out not only for its sincere romantic elements–which, for a change, is actually mutual rather than one-sided–but for its full throated defense of fandom as contained in the scene from eps. 7 captured above. The show itself was of course one huge pander, with many of the cliche elements that go into otaku romance shows, but it’s also pretty bold in offering such a direct appeal: though one can argue it’s just preaching to the choir.

Haruka is the second major anime heroine after Lucky Star’s Konata to be a female with male otaku tastes. There’s clearly a wish fulfillment aspect involved here, though I’ve known plenty of women who were into the same shounen action shows that many other male fans are into–though that probably doesn’t really overlap much with the moe/romance/dating-sim culture that is the dominant strain in Akiba and in Asia. (In that respect, the anime blogosphere is, in my experience, not an accurate reflection of American fandom, given how much we tend to go gaga over shows like Toradora and the like.) The show could be seen as another instance of the anime culture growing more insular, though it was one of the more entertaining and well-done examples. I still enjoyed it (the parts that I saw that is…).

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 12 – as reviewed by Soichi Negishi

Summary by Negishi: well, our wonderful and ever loving koibito tachi is going to face another crisis again, but somehow I believe that these two wonderful love birds will remember their bonds in Otaku-dom…

It’s Haruka’s birthday! It’s star bright and magnificent times as Yuuto-san buys a surprisingly appropriate gift for Haruka, but oh no! Look, there’s some arrogant rich guy who thinks he’s got so much talent that he can take Aikawa-san…Ahem, I mean, Nogizaka-san away from our beloved hero! Oh no, I’m so excited, what will our hero do?

Thoughts by Negishi: Oh my, this is so wonderful! Two beautiful lovers that danced the night away in last episode, is going to have a party on a private island! So trendy! So wonderful! So magnificent! I wish I were there to join them and have a ball! It’s just so nice that Yuuto is finally going to show his love to Haruka! I’ll be I could spice up the occasion a little with my Swedish Pop-style songs…Sweets, Sweets my lover!

But what’s this? Oh no a rich guy is coming to try to steal Haruka away! Looks like he thinks he’s more talented and more powerful than anyone else, hmm…



I think I’m going to hide inside his gifts as a penis head!

Oh my, why did I just say that? Anyway, Yuuto is discouraged, oh no! Hang in there, Yuuto! Don’t let that guy take Haruka’s heart away! Fighto!

I wish I was playing a trendy song there…I could really make the atmosphere great…

(Or I could make all these fuckers into sex slaves!)

What? What was that? Oh, fuck I got into Krauser character again!

[Disclaimer: the above comedy bits are inspired by Detroit Metal City and does not in anyway, represent real life, events, actions, behaviors, and other things.]

Nogizaka no Himitsu – let’s swim!

Summary: The girl that Ayase bumps into shows up in the girls’ uniform that girls in his school wear, and it turns out she’s transferring to his school, into the same class!

That girl, Shiina, is good at almost everything, except swimming, and as she quickly becomes friends with everyone, she’s invited to be on the swimming relay team. Ayase and Haruka decide to train her for the event…

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2 in 1 review – Nogisaka sitcom (Nogosaka ep 04) and Pantsu kudasai + no pants please (Strike Witches ep 05)


Perhaps I’ve been too lenient and just not cynical enough, I mean, why should I give these 2 shows – Nogisaka Haruka no Himitsu and Strike Witches – a specific review for each? So, I’ve decided to combine their reviews into one.

Let’s go with Nogisaka first.

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Nogisak Haruka no Himitsu ep 03 – this is what everyone wants to hear:

She's just another Shinji
She's just another Shinji

“Even if everyone in the world becomes my enemy, I’ll be by your side.”

As a self-appointed “Otaku” westerner, it’s so very easy to think that this is something fascinating and interesting hobby that people can try to accept (I guess unless you’re in high school – but chances are the bullies like DBZ as much as you do). However, in Japan, having this hobby is a completely different story.

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