Nogizaka no Himitsu – let’s swim!

Summary: The girl that Ayase bumps into shows up in the girls’ uniform that girls in his school wear, and it turns out she’s transferring to his school, into the same class!

That girl, Shiina, is good at almost everything, except swimming, and as she quickly becomes friends with everyone, she’s invited to be on the swimming relay team. Ayase and Haruka decide to train her for the event…

Thoughts: And let’s forget that Nogizaka Haruka came out of the Otaku closet! Remember about last episode or the episode before that, she came out and declared her otakudom? Well, what happened?

Nothing, apparently. We ride on safely to this episode, where Shiina, the girl that Ayase bumps into 3 times is conveniently transferred to the same school that Ayase and Haruka attends.

This episode is rather typical of regular harem shows, where one more girl shows up at the male protagonist’s school and joins the crew. This one can be qualified as the “fang” girl with energy. That’s usually the imoto character, but in this case, it’s the girl you bump into.

Nothing is surprising here as Ayase (read: us) gets to see Shiina’s panties (ooh, light green with patterns) and almost her naked body (right, don’t knock before entering and right, she didn’t hear someone coming in). A typical plot of training for an event, and of course in post 80’s/90’s anime, it never works out and of course Shinna becomes vulnerable.

But in this case, Ayase isn’t doing anything unclear as to what his intentions are. He really just cares for her as a friend. After all, even though being absolutely un-Otaku like, but having a girl like Haruka around, why would he not want to stay with Haruka?

I mean, for all Otaku watching, who wants to see Ayase goes away to love someone else? We Otaku focus on one girl, right?

What the hell is the point of that Nobunaga guy? Male fan service? I don’t think so. As the representative of the male otaku? Why? Someone to give the non-otaku information about otaku events?

Maybe. And maybe on day 7, he’ll turn into the demon king/boss/Maoh. XD

Obviously what happened last episode was just a passing thought, because NOBODY wants to prosecute Nogizaka at all for anything. Eh. It’s all good in the world of the Otaku anime.

I guess it was nice that all the new friends that Shiina makes decide to help her out with the swimming event.

Author: Ray

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2 thoughts on “Nogizaka no Himitsu – let’s swim!

  1. So much for this show trying to play off its innovative concept… sounds like this show is going down the well-worn harem path of over-done fan service. >.>;;

    You can only hope that they will actually revisit the REASON we were initially lead to believe this show was called Nogizaka’s Secret. I guess I can take this as a “character introduction” episode where the character in question is designed to be Nogizaka’s rival and a complication to Ayase ending up with her. But it is anime, and even though real people wouldn’t be forgetting Nogizaka outting herself of the otaku closet so quickly, I’m inclined to give the show the benefit of the doubt for another week… With Shinna having her own otaku secret, based on what we’ve already seen, it seems like the show still has a decent chance of going back to the original premise while simultaneously making the situation for our male ota stand-in more complicated than it was before. Another week, another chance…

  2. Unfortunately, that seems like the case, unless they resurrect the supposed hate that normals have to for Otaku and the secret hate that girls have for more popular girls.

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