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My ode to Wakakozake


I have dropped off the face of the planet, in the face of reality and real world. But I still wanted to let people know that I am mindful of some series for when I have a limited time,to watch. So I wanted to speak about my adoration for Wakakozake. This series was added to Crunchyroll’s streaming catalog around Summer 2015.

Crunchyroll has the anime, and two seasons of the live action adaption streaming. So if they have the third season, you’ll expect me to think about the term, Pshuu!

Wakakozake is a story of Wakako Murasaki who is a 26 year old office lady with a desire to drink and search for places to eat. The entire series is about her visiting different eateries after work and drinking alcohol of some type of food. So for the foodie in people, what is there not to love?!

wakakozake la

So Wakakozake doesn’t necessarily speak much about the preparation like it is seen in cooking shows or contests, but in the anime and the live action. There is a monologue of Wakako’s inner thoughts as she enjoys the food, and speaks like an amateur food critic.

So for people who like to share thoughts about food, there is Yelp and there are blogs. There is subtle difference between the anime and the live action, because in the anime, viewers see her enjoying the food. In the live action, it turns into subtle food advertisement, that I am unsure if the manga would have this trick. I have seen this in manga form from Fumi Yoshinaga’s Not Love But Delicious Foods. In the live action, the same treatment for introducing restaurants can be found in Kodoku no Gourmet. But it can be said that for the inner foodie, there is such a reaction such as pshuu… which gets animated quite nicely in the show. I am going to sign off on now, and just think about the next experience I have in eating Japanese cuisine!

Toriko: Episode 4 – Pausing for more..

I seriously watch this anime for the food! *drools* And then everything kinda goes down the hill. There’s a battle that seriously reminded me of parts like Blue Dragon. Then there were some humorous parts in this episode, such as Tina’s laptop obviously an Apple parody, and then her way of eating Chocolates.. it is no wonder that she’s not overweight with how much she indulges.

I decided to just wait for more episodes to marathon on this anime. They’re dragging out an easily two-three chapter storyline and for what…? They’re not even done with introducing the one mascot character that I know.

Recently I said that I saw Toriko volume four at Anime Boston right? Well I got fed up with the wait and end up purchasing both volume four-five on the ipad.. so there! Reading the manga while waiting for the anime to catch up, is just a slow wait. Makes me want to watch more Gintama anime, while crying at the distressing news that I have heard on volume 23 being the last volume in the United States.

On another note.. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day. Be sure to celebrate it with a special mother in your life.

Toriko – A Feast for Foodie’s Eyes…Thoughts on 1-3

Yay Toriko! So I am watching this anime, and yes I have heard people calling this the manliness anime ever! I seriously agree, since watching the muscles, power and manliness is complete eye candy for me! I am also into watching it for the fictional food aspect. Seeing Toriko’s appetite is amusing, a bit scary if you see the amount of how much they eat though. However I am sure if any viewers is use to seeing gluttons like Luffy or Goku then Toriko is fine.

I have watched up to episode 3, and the anime does animate some parts of the manga quite well. I am, however not so much of a fan for how much characters they introduce that is not in the manga at the moment.At this time I have not read past volume 3, so I am unsure of how much the anime is going to end up spoiling the manga for me. (The woes of not reading Japanese is irking). The latest volume of Toriko in English is volume 4, and for the Japanese, there is 15 volumes, so United States fans is in for a catch up nightmare. There is a dark villain group that was introduced that I I was quite unaware about. Just makes you wonder how long is this anime set to be scheduled for? Being that it is a Shonen Jump title, possible for a very long time.

So I started watching the series, and other than drooling from the descriptions of Butter Pigs, Melons that taste like rice bowls, fruits that can change in flavor.. *Drool* Above is actually a scene from the city, and the buildings definitely reminds me of Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs, foodie heaven if you ask me.

Below is an image of an early sequence where Toriko catches a fish and ends up with catching more than what he thought he would.. yum… Compare this to the manga version.

Some changes will be inevitable for this series. I was a little disappointed that Toriko’s house is not shown anywhere else with the exception of the ending, but I will continue to watch this series. I don’t know about you, but what would I give to be in the cook’s place… his ability to travel and of course feast!

12 Days of Food Shopping Season..

Okay since Gendo Mike went and is doing an 12 Moments aspect.. and I already did a Gift Guide.. I figure why not just do another one.. and this time to the tune of that song.. that you won’t really want to hear any other time of the year….

Slight disclaimer here.

  • I don’t own the song, yet I am free changing the lyrics a bit.
  • THIS is not reflective of my own wish list.. just an idea as to what makes great gifts.. and not necessarily manga, although my own opinion is that a manga for everyone NEVER hurts.
  • So feel free to laugh if you get over through this silly tune.


On the first day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

One limitless wallet..

On the second day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Two boxes of alley cat!

On the third day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Three cans of food drop variety.

On the fourth day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Four tubes of pop!!

On the fifth day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Five red hot chips!

On the sixth day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Six packs of Kit Kats… limited or regular.

On the seventh day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Seven cans of Asuka!

On the eight day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Eight cups of miso.

On the ninth day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Nine sheaf of weed!

On the tenth day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Ten packs of Konpeit… hard sugar sweetness.

On the eleventh day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Eleven boxes of pocky.

On the twelfth day of  shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Twelve more choices….!

Du… la.. la.. la… hmm…..

Bread.. we must fight for the best one in Yakitate!! Japan

I may be late in the reading specific titles.. and if anyone ever pays attention to my tweets, I posted this photo one time. Yet I digress… I am pretty much fascinated, and furiously reading/devouring Yakitate!! Japan, as much as I can.

This gives a whole other meaning to learning some really random facts, that is not really useful in every day living, but can definitely break conversation on the topic of foodies, and probably make some people drool over the food descriptions.  In Yakitate!! Japan, that is the aspects of making bread.

Kazuma Azuma is on a quest to bake the best Ja-pan – that is bread, and to achieve this goal, he gets employed at Pantasia a well known bread making chain store.

With most of Shonen Jump series, there are clear story arcs defined. At this point of reading up to volume 17, I can point out three arcs.  Surprisingly this is a relatively short Shonen Jump series, only about 26 volumes. (There is a 69 episode anime series that came out from this manga.)

  1. Starting out at Pantasia
  2. Monaco Cup
  3. Quest for Pantasia food competition.

One thing that makes this a great read is the highly over exaggerated comedic reactions of the characters. At some points I am mentally cheering, and at other point, I feel very grossed out. There are some characters I love to hate..  *cough* Yukino *cough*.. *cough* Kirisaki *cough*

Back in the Monaco Cup arc, with the character of Pierrot, definitely reminded me of Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter. There are many interesting tidbits shared about the country of Japan, and with Pantasia Food competition, I notice a parody on SMAP…that is a group I love to pay attention to.

Other good read alikes for this book is obvious food manga like Oishinbo, for the many references that there is. Another is like Toriko, with the obvious food search, competition.

A thing to note is that from the recipes mentioned in this book, Erinf, and Reverse Theives also made experiments to see if recipe mentioned in the book, can actually be put up to the test of what was mentioned at the book.

Look at thoses hands go...

Toriko – A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

Buy Toriko, Vol. 1
by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro. Published by Viz Media. 208 pages. 2010. $9.99.

Enter a world where gourmet food is quite prized, and if you can eat the most unique foods, then what is all worth living for is the satisfaction of fulfilling your taste buds. Since the world is suppose to be about foods, and gourmet, notice all the unique animals and fruits that there is.

Survival of the fittest!

Hunters exist to seek out rare ingredients for chefs to prepare, and the namesake of this manga is Toriko, one of the best hunters that there is in the world. He is ranked to being known as one of the four kings. Similar to all shonen jump manga leads, he has a bottomless appetite, and a simple ambition of creating his ideal menu. He only kills what he eats, so expect lots of action scenes as well as powering up scenes. Though when Toriko powers up, definitely reminds me of a certain saiyans.

One thing that cracks me up is that Toriko lives in a Hansel and Gretel house, that attracts. So he can definitely have his cake and eat it too, although I personally imagine that I will get a stomach ache from the sweets. Definitely reminding me of Gintoki from Gintama. Toriko, being that it is a shonen title is filled with muscular manly man. (Yum!) Also if you have read Hunter x Hunter, this entire series is centered around Gon’s second exam stage.. so this take Gourmet hunting to another level.

Take a look at another food image. Tasty isn't it?

Personally I don’t believe that there are enough manga translated in English about foods, and I know that there is a huge section of manga that is devoted to talking about food in Japanese. So if you are a regular reader for Shonen Jump manga, and can’t seem to get enough of food manga like Oishinbo or Yakitate!! Japan this is a manga for you to check out. There are ten volumes out in Japanese, and at this time only two volumes out in English.

Free Food = Free Manga = Free Anime? Wha?!

What does free food has anything to do with free manga + free anime? Is Pizza Hut finally doing a campaign tied in to anime in the US? OH BOY!

Well, if you look at the first pic, you will realize this is about opinions on supporting the manga industry – don’t leave yet! There is free food! Or that’s being mentioned, at least!!! Also fan service pictures are posted through out the article!

After many years (yeah, 3 years) of thinking and probing (don’t go there) about the issue from every angle, which is encased in today’s cyberworld under the tyranny of the global Giga banker-controlled economy – think the Genom Megacorp in Bubblegum Crisis or the Tyrell Corporation in Blade Runner, I’ll give you my reflections. It’s not going to be a long article, trust me, because when you boil it down to basics, it ain’t that complex.

Continue reading Free Food = Free Manga = Free Anime? Wha?!

O Pocky! My Pocky!

O Pocky! My Pocky! our shopping trip is done;
The pack has weather’d every press, the space we sought is won;
The chair is near, the squeals I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the slender line, the package red and daring:
But O mouth! mouth! mouth!
O the tell-tale drops of phlegm,
Where on the bench my pocky lies,
Fallen prey to them.

O Pocky! My Pocky! Rise up and hear the crunch!
Rise up! For you the flag is flung; for you the panties bunch!
For you cold plates and milk in cups; for you the mouths a-gaping;
For you they call, the swaying mass, their joweled cheeks a-draping;
Here pocky! Dear snack!
This arm beneath your stem;
It is some dream that from the pack
You’ve fallen prey to them.

My Pocky does not answer, its base is pale and still;
My chocolate does not feel my arm, it has no pulse nor will;
The groceries are safe and sound, their voyage closed and done;
From fearful tack, the promised snack, comes in with Pocky won;
Exult, O fans, and ring, O cells!
But I, with morunful hymn,
Walk the ground my Pocky lies,
Fallen prey to them.

Perhaps if pocky had been around in his time, Mr. Whitman would understand.

With apologies to Walt Whitman, who originally composed O Captain! My Captain! about the death of Abraham Lincoln.