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Regarding The Ranma 1/2 Live Action Fluff

Can It Be True?

A live action Ranma 1/2 dorama series? Well this is out of the blue. Upon receiving scant, somewhat puzzling news from a respected source, it looks like we may be amidst something of a live-action anime renaissance that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. And since the information at hand has merely been shared via this blog, the gears have been turning via fellow writers and fans, musing the expected responses; Where? And more importantly; Why? And since the aforementioned post offers no links to an official site, or any hint of a teaser video anywhere. All we have here is a cast & crew roster, and a premiere date & time: July 10th, and starting at 10pm. Again, all one can do at the moment is to speculate which is always rife with obvious problems.

For those playing the home game, the Rumiko Takahashi martial arts genderwarp comedy Ranma Nibun No Ichi has long been regarded as one of the more iconic anime/manga creations of the last twenty odd years, and has garnered one of the most passionate and enduring international fanbases any show has experienced. The tale of woe that befalls young, hotheaded martial arts student, Ranma Saotome, and the family he is planned to be married into by a conniving, lazy father has been something that a near-entire generation of anime lovers have long embraced, made references to, and at times reviled for its wacky cast of colorful characters, bizarre gimmickry, and martial arts silliness. It’s kind of difficult to imagine the “harem anime” without it, not to mention other favorites including the Fruits Basket manga/series. Mixing a romantic comedy with water-based gender/species-switching hijinks gene grafted with a Shaw Bros. movie was something of a knockout melange that connected, and helped create the anime fandom explode in the west come the early to mid 90s. Translated into a multitude of languages (including Spanish, where yours truly caught a remainder of the show during those days), the series and its characters have retained something of a timeless quality that continues to gather new fans.

Now again, as one not to normally speculate, perhaps it might be good to just express a mixture of openness and worry to the prospect. As much as this sounds infinitely more interesting than say, an American rendition of AKIRA, one cannot help but express concern for this particular project as a live-action concept. Say that for a moment, that this is a possibility; that the approach utilized by previous live-action dorama could be implemented (a good example is 2003-04’s Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon), would it be optimal for a series that became known later for it’s visual bombast & exaggerated action? Or would it become something far more character-based, which would be fine provided the universe Takahashi created was brought down to Earth just a smidge. One could argue that a large part of the original’s success was the world in which the Ranma characters lived in, and their interactions based on such a setting. Also worth bringing up is the live Maison Ikkoku that was created as a vehicle for model-actress Misaki Ito. And this is where worry for yours truly comes in. If the object of this particular game is merely for co-opted natsukashii purposes, it may end up becoming little more than a mourning for a day long gone, and not so much a celebration of the series’ enduring legacy.

Can a “good” Ranma 1/2 project be borne out of such a notion, even if this is little more than a rumor? One would like to believe so. Recently, we’ve seen a live action love comedy with bent toward the hyperbolically surreal in theaters last summer, but again- this was with a budget & talent able to do merely one film with enough energy and style to actually pull it off. And since that film didn’t do ideal business, it is feeling less and less probable that Japanese producers would even consider this possbility.



A little thought about us recently…

Hi everyone, I thought I’d share some of our progress taking over the world and fandom in maturing and growing as a site. This isn’t an official announcement so relax, nothing major is happening…yet.

It’s funny, but recently I’ve got this incredible boredom for lack of work and not wanting to study burst of energy for trying to help out our side a little. As the greatest writer that has graced the pages of Anime Diet one of the contributors on this site – yes, we have 5 people on staff and out of the five, Mike, Moritheil, Matt, and I (Ray) write. For all the new readers (first, a bow from me), please don’t be mistaken; we have more than one face and each is very unique and quite different in writing style.

Some of Mike’s Articles:Review: Ponyo (Dub) – 88%, First Look Fair: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (1-4), As the End Nears: The Surprising Quality of Toradora.

Some of Moritheil’s Articles:The Zen of Eureka Seven, Strike Witches: The Evil Without, The cancer that is killing Bleach.

Some of Matt’s Articles: AX 2009, Day 0: Behind-the-Scenes From the Cameraman’s Perspective, Code Geass R2 episode 22– It gets weirder and weirder(and his other Code Geass articles), Bleach 145– stupid tornados.

Jeremy, AKA. Big J, doesn’t write anything because he’s the chairman and the task master guy with goals and dreams, also to give a well-needed kick in all of our collective asses.

Of course, one of the biggest and baddest thing we do is our ever-faithful and steady podcast, subscripable via iTunes and RSS and downloads. In fact, we completed our latest episode recording (41) just 2 and half hours back. We promise, oh do we promise, more wacky news commentaries, discussions on shows that aren’t anime remake worthy, and well…licking around the rim of a chocolate coronet and then thrusting my tongue deep inside. Yes, all wholesome and Otaku friendly stuff indeed.

Last Friday night (Pacific Time), we had our first ever discussion on what the fuck is our site really about and what the fuck have we been doing for the past 2+ years our values, missions, dreams, ambitions and goals, one of which was to bring the funniest possible entertainment to the larger anime watching community (read: just otakus). That, we’re sincere about, because one commentor gave this comment on the podcast: “I was having a really shitty day and then I listened to you guys; I was laughing so hard and that made my day better. Thank you.”

Folks, when it boils down to it, that’s what we’re really all about – entertaining without trolling, fun and enjoyable without being overboard (really?), and thought-provoking without unfriendly attacks and mockeries at our community, as the guy we fired tried to do – he gets no name here and we deleted his contributions – we take this matter seriously.

We’ve all been struggling in the greater world, but we’re proud of what we have. So yes, as probably the last article written for AnimeBlips in the effort to promote us and to let people know what we do, I’m writing this article. Yes, I go silly, way overboard a little close to crossing the line and almost crazy sometimes, but I hope you guys really enjoy our personalities on air and on the site. Remember, we’re here to entertain and hopefully to give you a smile.

Have a good night/good day and see you around!

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(OK, yeah, not the utter best video, obviously. But get a taste of their passion and power!)

On Kannagi and Virginity

For those of you who missed it, there was a big to-do at the close of 2008 over the fact that Nagi of Kannagi might not be “pure.”

Not a vampire.

It’s fascinating to me how so much of the international anime community took the Western perspective and applied it as if it ought to be universal.  Sankaku Complex was flooded with hate in the stories it ran. Darkmirage’s popular take on the subject garnered forty comments and not one mentioned how cultural expectations of women are different in Japan vs. in the West. There was not one reference to Yamamoto Nadeshiko, that ideal of self-sacrificing femininity that was inculcated in the Japanese in WWII and whose specter still discourages modern Japanese women from marrying.

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