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High School Debut – Just another teen romance manga…

Just when I can forget about high school, I started to read this manga series.. and reading it makes me think about an idyllic youthful period. If that is what you want to think about, you can definitely pick up this book to read.

Haruna is a tomboy who made a goal to get a boyfriend, so this is a series on her journey of embarking in a teen romance at high school with Yoh, a really cute boy. She faces challenges in ex-girl friend’s, Yoh’s sister, and the rest of the world trying to get either Yoh’s or her’s attention. Also there are the issues of what makes dating an issue over just being regular friends.

I am reading through this series at a pretty much a snails pace, but man if I am in the mood for some high school romance.. then sit down and read through 13 volumes of this romantic comedy from Shojo Beat.

What can make you want to pick up this book?

What can make you not want to pick up this book?

Someone's crying.. and no nothing serious!
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