NYAF: Funimation Panel Liveblog

2:42 PM: still gathering. I see fellow bloggers sitting across from me, they are liveblogging too. I wonder who they are? The camera is all set up and ready.

2:45 PM: a Darker than Black preview trailer is playing now.

2:46 PM: Adam Sheehan starts speaking. Commends fans for “honesty” (ie, “death threats” over DBZ). 🙂

2:48 PM: “The State of the Anime Industry: DON’T PANIC!” Well, Funimation can say that. 🙂

2:49 PM: Everyone, not just anime, has had problems with DVD market. Plus Blu-Ray and downloads. Funimation wants to move toward downloads more.

2:52 PM: packaging changes, number of episodes of discs to change.

2:53 PM: Majority of people present are first or second-time congoers!

2:55 PM: Youtube and Funimation partnership: Full episodes of Mushishi, Kiddy Grade, Slayers, and others.

2:57 PM: Hulu.com–subbed episodes of Mushi-shi, Basilisk, Kiddy Grade, etc.

2:58 PM: Paid downloads on funimation.com.

2:59 PM: Funimation Channel to Go (Mobile), for $4.99/month. Gunslinger Girl and Moon Phase, plus Galaxy Railways free

3:01 PM; Funimation’s Podcast. Random unicorns?

3:02 PM: Samurai 7, Vexille in Blu Ray soon.

3:03 PM: Funimation finishes Shuffle!. Includes 1 pair of GOD panties. (Right….only 5000 panties to be produced)

3:04 PM: Tsubasa S2 finished now.

3:06 PM: “Marathon Play” for DBZ season box cuts out OPs, EDs in between episodes

3:07 PM: Black Lagoon, 2nd Barrage (Geneon rescue). S1 to be released soon. LE tin box can hold all discs of S2.

3:10 PM: Hellsing Ultimate (Geneon rescue): Vol 1-4, 2 LEs

3:11 PM: Devil May Cry. “Death, guns, and awesome sauce.”

3:13 PM: Ghost Hunt 1-13. Trailer playing.

3:16 PM: Jyu-oh-sei trailer.

3:18 PM; Negima!? OVA “It’s Akamatsu, what do you expect?” Well, fan-service….lots of it in the trailer.

3:19 PM: Claymore Vol 1. Available Oct 14th. 6 volume release. Trailer. “Berserk with hot chicks.”

3:22 PM: Ouran Host Club. “Screaming, awwing, squeeing…” Oct 28th, Jan 6th for parts 1 and 2 of the whole series. To be sold early at Anime USA (in DC). I don’t like the dub voice for Tamaki. Haruhi sounds about what I imagined though.

3:25 PM: Afro Samurai Resurrection (to many cheers. “Show us some violence now!” I saw the trailer at Comic Con at the Afro Samurai panel.

3:28 PM: Darker than Black, Vol. 1 (Nov 25th). Trailer line: “The world is faced with atonement?” eh?

3:32 PM: NEW LICENSE: Mushi-shi live action movie. Available 2009.

3:33 PM: Q&A. That’s it for me.

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