Toradora 21 – the frustration…the frustration!!!

You know this show has got me into anguish. I was tempted to tear my wife beater-shirt apart in biblical anguish (not the Incredible Hawk-like anguish) over their relationships.

The person who’s telling the truth is frankly sick and tired of all the facade and pointless emotional sacrifices that are going on, and she’s telling Minori to either do something or give the fuck up, so that the person can actually get some chance (I guessed) with Ryuji, who is such a great guy (in the otaku-fantasy anime world, anyway). She’s just tired of all the cheerful façade and the dutiful demeanor that’s just so traditional Asian like and yet just so sickening at the same time. As for Ryuji…?

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Moritheil まいり (Moritheil respectfully serves notice of arrival)

Fellow otaku!  I’m excited to be joining Anime Diet.  So, how should I introduce myself?  Blood type?  Astrological signs?  Measurements?

Well, to begin with, I’ve posted a list of the anime I’ve seen, and I’ll be updating it over the next few days.  The inquiring mind will find all sorts of juicy and unfortunate statistics there.  More importantly, I can tell you that I intend to review anime, manga, and games, as well as talk about cultural developments along the lines of Densha Otoko (Train Man) or the Lucky Star shrine invasion.

Look forward to it!

Mairi is what we say when arriving at a shrine.  This is an anime shrine!

Ride Back 07 – Now that’s a plot! (thumbs up)

Having not actually seen many Sci-Fi movies and read not too many books, I can’t say if it’s a good twist and turn. But I sure enjoyed it all the same.

Normally, the top dogs in the government don’t get into incidents involving crazy teens driving amok. But in this case, the GGP are basically using Kenji and the rest of the gang as well as the incident as the scapegoat an as an excuse to ramp up “national security” using rideback machines. It’s more like a prelude to military governing. Then again, with Romanov (God, it just had to be a Russian) being here, it’s probably more apparent than I realized. Those of you who are used to better plots (perhaps in Sci-Fi) probably guessed it already.

Now, GGP kept Lyn around. Why? At this stage, that doesn’t seem to matter as much since she’s now at BMA (pronounced Booma – as in same pronunciation of “Boomer” in Bubblegum Crisis – a tribute?) and so, what will happen to her?

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MyAnimeList Updated

Not much to say at this point, but I just wanted to let everyone know that MyAnimeList is finally updated after a year of neglect, and I intend to actually keep up with it from now on and even try to get involved in the MAL community if I can. I basically added the shows I watched in 2008.

I have now spent over 49 days of my life just watching anime, over my almost 10 years of fandom. Huzzah…right?

(Let the harping on the shows I haven’t finished or even begun to watch commence.)

Toradora 19-20: Sacrifice


Some time ago I said that what makes this show is friendship, not romance per se; and friends sacrifice for each other. That could be the watchword for these two pivotal episodes, but is there a sense in which it goes too far?

(This article was inspired by Seleria’s calling everyone in the show “a bloody martyr.”)

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ADVERTISEMENT: My Other Gig at Dailysite!


Thus far, thanks to all of you readers and listeners, my work with Anime Diet has helped me get two paying jobs. One is my current job as a web designer/administrator at a local company. The other is what I’m about to describe to you, and I think it’s relevant enough to post about here because it affects you! Read on if you are interested.

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Rideback 5 – good sci-fi drama (which is hard to come by these days)

I wanted to say something earlier but of course, life gets in the way…Anyway…

Newtype? Wing Zero? Coordinator?

You know, actually, the mechanism presented in this show makes more sense. Fuego is a new secret (prototype) machine with powerful capabilities and one of them including better jumping and it just so happens that Lynn, the feminine ballad dancer, actually gets on the machine and not afraid of it. I thought this was more like a newtype scenario where she had special sense of this kind of machine. Of course, don’t forget, White Gundam was specially built and there were indications that it was built for Newtype anyway…

Alright, done with the Gundam jargon. So Madhouse isn’t just capable of sword fighting animation but also mecha, racing and military hardware. Excellent work. However, these machines are still rather ugly looking.

“To average civilians, these are just autobikes with arms.” I believe Colonel Romanov said that in the show. However, I perceive them as FUGLY “armed” autobikes, for a lack of better insult.

Mizuki Nana can voice act. That calmness outside holding the fiery passion within is really appealing.

You know the funny thing is? CGP the ex-terrorism group took over the world quickly somehow, and now they’re being attacked by terrorists. Ironic? Maybe in Rideback world, everything comes in circles after all.

I still see the title as porno-like, sorry.

Crunkyroll is on a roll (har har)?

Crunkyroll Aims for 40,000 Subscribers in 3 Years, Joins AJA

The news website reports that the TV Tokyo broadcasting station and Crunkyroll video-distribution website are aiming to register over 40,000 online subscribers in three years. The partnership’s Anime Membership subscription program registered…Crunkyroll has joined the anime industry group as one of the 25 associate members…

Ray’s take: so Crunkyroll is seeking to win over many to the power of the dark side…I mean to get as many legit registered users as possible. But hey, with the Japanese animators literally starving and living in Net Cafes, we gotta help out, right?

(Trying to catch the cat and putting it back in the bag)

You know how zombies are special in Tokyo?

Live-Action Tokyo Zombie Film to Ship on U.S. DVD

…North American distributor will release Sakichi Sato’s live-action film adaptation…star as two factory workers caught in the aftermath of a zombie invasion of Tokyo. Both the original manga and the film use outlandish humor…

Ray’s take: (listening to the Cranberries) Zombie…zoOmbie…zoOMbie.e.e.e.e ho ho ho ho ho (or however the fuck that goes)…But hey, what’s better than Godzilla invading Tokyo? How about zombies invading Tokyo? Not that ordinary salarymen and office ladies in Tokyo don’t already emote like zombies while on the train! In their offices! On the streets! I mean shit, I wondered if I was surrounded by non-flesh eating zombies that just performed their routines with much strain while I was visiting Tokyo for the first time! I even stood in the middle of the street like what they did in movies to show isolation and loneliness among huge crowds of people! Boy it was fun!

And uh yeah, if you’re interested, I guess you can check out the movie. After all, it’s “Premium of  the Dead!”

You know we stupid Americans always make fun of good ol’ Canadians?

Well, now they have Boys Love titles on Amazon…

New Digital Manga Boys-Love Works Listed by

…Canadian version…Amazon online retailer is listing…boys love titles…

…”I’ve Moved Next Door To You”…
…”Our Kingdom – Arabian Nights”…

Ray’s take: Excuse me when I say BwHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Be careful you do not fall to the power of the BL side, since you guys are already wimpy people piloting WWII era fighter jets, fighting terrorists with chainsaws and selling maple syrup and Canadian Bacon (what’s with these sugary pork slices anyway) while sipping wine and pea soup! Did I mention my French co-worker at work held a grudge against me because I blocked his access to married Taiwanese pussy (CAT!) and he got pissed off and probably recommended to have me laid off? Oh motherfucker! It’s such a waste that he got a US citizenship and not a QUEBEC one (he’s from France)!

On a more serious note, I supposed the market for BL is growing in Canada, too eh? I guess some things are international after all. Just DO NOT move next door to me if you happen to be a BL lover with sex still undetermined!