Ga-Rei Zero 04 – So, Michael Weapons and down episode.

Wow we finally got a OP song! By Minorin! It felt like they didn’t have time to record a song and had to present it on episode 4!

The first 3 episode went by like a dream. More like an OVA to be exact. The animation was clearly more detailed and there was more tension. Of course, nobody remember the guys from episode one, right?

It’s like the author simply decided that all these people in episode 1 were too boring and decided to change main characters. I mean, what the hell? I honestly thought something interesting was coming back for these guys in episode one, but they were main characters that became cannon fodders, Pedestrian Shin’s, side characters, and all that.

Unorthodox but disjointing. Almost like a waste of time.

So, eps 2 and 3 talked about the past of the two, but that wasn’t finished, so onto episode 4.

You know, I honestly feel that they could’ve juxtaposed the stories between the two in episodes 1 to 3 ala Lola Rennt sequences, and get on with the real narrative in episode 4. But instead, we’re backtracking even further.

It’s like the manga artist did a short volume consisted of 3 chapters, and his editor told him to expand it.

So he had to make up/dig out back stories, thus, we finally have a main character! Hooray!

OK, now I understand. This show is about the conflicts, binds and feelings between Kagura and Yomi, right?

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Who were those guys in episode 1 again?

Look, I may be unfair and picky, but really, it has been a little bit disorienting, but being an anime veteran, I’m less confused. Now all we left to see is how Yomi becomes evil, and the struggles between her and Kagura…

Oh, the Michael weapons, right sorry…

First, Michael Douglas Iron (um…)

Next, Michael Pare Chain saw (you’d have to be quite old to know that one. Thanks WIKI!)

Then Michael Jackson Drill (don’t you go there…)

Finally, Michael J. Fox Boiler (more like a time machine? Jeez)

WHAT THE FUCK IS THE RELEVANCE??? Just because the master in this show is a naked dude with an afro named Michael?

So, let’s have Michael Stipe Sausage maker Anti-Evil Spirit Weapon!

And then Michael Keaton Anti-demon pole!

And our very own, Michael H. Shojo manga book case!!!

Uh…in any event, looking forward to the ties that bind these girls but the show has fallen somewhat.

(Telling a girl that an iron anti-akuma weapon should suit her, jeez, such chauvinistic comment…I love it!)

At least we know now what a Ga-Rei is – a spirit that eats spirits. Resident Evil, look out! Zombies beware!

Mouryou no Hako 3 – The Black Box

Gee, THAT'S not suspicious
Gee,that's not suspicious

In engineering, a black box is a representation of a device where you know the input and the output, but not necessarily what’s in between. How fitting that a mysterious “hospital” looks like a giant black cube in the middle of a forest…and a fitting metaphor for the show. We know the outcome–heads in boxes, but how are they getting from here to there?

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Chaos; Head episode 03 – Greek God and Destruction and all that jazz (RAY)

Note: Look for Mike’s review later. You know my style so do not expect any deep analysis!

All right, ending number 1: Taku is the demon god. The girls are here to take the demon god out.

Ending number 2: the demon has not yet “Descended” on him, but that will happen soon.

Ending number 3: he’s the sacrifice.

So, the line between reality and fantasy blurs as he realizes that he was the one fleeing the scene but nobody else was there. To me, that’s clear enough. But of course, we’re talking about a graphic novel and perhaps he’s not the guy who did it.

Of course telegraphing sucks, but then again, anything can happen in a graphic novel, Japanese style, right?

A huge cover up is going on (duh).

Of course no sleepwalking happened.

Having not seen Higurashi or Perfect Blue, I can only say that Taku is probably not Haruhi and whatever he wishes doesn’t necessarily come true, that murderous Otaku (like me)…Or…

It’s all speculative of course but nice animation, music and cute girls with large swords. That’s keeping me satisfied.

Surprise me, surprise me, please…

Kurozuka 02 – Highlander? Not highlander? Time and Space Confusion

Anyone else noticed that the person who made Kuromitsu a vampire had blond hair? Is that a tribute or a nod to the origin of vampire stories?

What Kuromitsu and Kuro (yeah, some kind of Japanese pun/connection, no doubt) talks and does in the show simulates much of the western vampire tales, except the setting is in Japan.

Listen to our podcast and Jeremy will tell you the exact reference this show came from, but in any case, here are some of my observations:

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Detroit Moe City 10 ??!!! – a moe bait for metal fans???!!!!





Damn, part 2 definitely blew part 1 away! Part 2 could very well be the nightmare of many moe fans out there!

Having someone using a little girl voices singing: “Your pussy (cat) is enough and that pig slut…” Uh…or Ugh…Wow…

KRAUSER-TAN! SAIGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You just gotta see it to appreciate its grotesqueness…DETeROIT MOE JITY!!!!!

(Ray passed away due to excessive laughter and bizzaro-ness)