New Site Layout (Mostly) Up

Hello everyone–welcome to the brand new, rebuffed Anime Diet! I hope this layout is a lot easier to follow and less cluttered looking than the old one. We’ve added lots of new features, including:

  • Author avatars to help identify who writes what posts.
  • Page numbers in category pages and search results.
  • Dropdown menus, at long last, for the site’s major sections. A category redo is in the immediate future as well, so it won’t be so cluttered and scattered as before.
  • Individual staff pages. Now you can see what each one of us has written!
  • Removed the reCaptcha plugin. Many of you complained, and I decided the costs were outweighing the benefits. We will be looking into additional spam protection elsewhere.
  • I’ve written a brand new history of Anime Diet on the About page.

Things that still need work:

  • The dropdown menu plugin breaks the AJAX comment editing plugin, unfortunately. I’m still not sure why, and it sucks because that was one of my favorite features. It will be gone until I figure out a way to reconcile the two.
  • The new banner is OK, but I think it could be better. I am considering a contest to see if anyone else can come up with one. :)
  • Something is wrong with the polling mechanism because for some reason, 400 new votes were added while I was revising the theme in the past hour!

We wanted to get this up prior to AX if at all possible, and personally, I think it was about time anyway.

Enjoy the new look! Please report any further bugs, critiques, etc. in the comments section. We are always constantly working to make things better.

Anime Diet Radio and Anime Genesis: Live at AX 2008!

This is the big news I was promising: together with Benu of the Anime Genesis Podcast, we are doing a live show at Anime Expo 2008! The show will be on July 4, 7 PM, in LP4–next week. (See the official schedule; it’s listed under “Anime Genesis Live.”) Together with Benu, Ray, Jeremy, and me will be doing a lot of our usual schtick that we do on our podcast, but with a lot of surprises too…

We are really excited about this, and we want you all to come! If you’re going to AX, come show your support for our podcast by packing out LACC 411. And if you have a podcast yourself…we warmly invite you to put this promo in your next pre-AX episode:

So tell your friends, and tell your acquaintances, and even your enemies: we are going to be invading AX this year! And this is just one of the many things Anime Diet has planned for this year’s Expo. Stay tuned for a description of more liveblogging coverage, possible guest interviews, and of course, more videos!

Review: Speed Racer, The Next Generation


A young racer gets off the bus, heading to his first day of school: but it’s not just any school, it’s a racing school. As you may well expect, this school (and this story) is basically a large tribute to the original Speed Racer. Why the original Speed Racer? Because now there is a new one, the Next Generation if you will. This new racer is named “Speed,” which in this world is like naming your kid “Einstein.” So this new racer meets the obligatory rivals. One is the son of Speed Racer, named X, twins, and the other is the spoiled daughter of a corporate magnate.

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Anime Diet Radio Episode 22 – In The Navy

No, we haven’t all joined the Navy and become Village People. We just recorded a new episode of Anime Diet Radio, that’s all! This episode, we talk about the US Navy’s efforts to placate inform the Japanese people about their mission via manga, as well as Mamoru Oshii’s best attempts to be like George Lucas in his remake of Ghost in the Shell. We also answer your comments and talk, seriously for a change, about the recent Akihabara massacre. It might even have something to do with that other great show this season, Kure-nai.

Excuse the lack of sexy resonance in my voice–I was back home on the East Coast and didn’t have my fancy mixer and microphone with me, so I had to make do with a headset mike.

Show Order

  • (00:00–04:53) Introduction
  • (04:54–11:54) News 1: Ghost in the Shell remake
  • (11:55–24:20) News 2: The Navy makes a manga
  • (24:21–32:18) Mailbag
  • (32:19–45:45) Roundtable: the Akihabara Massacre
  • (45:45–46:47) Conclusion

Show Notes

  • –OP: “Kimi, Meguru, Boku” by Motohira Hata (OP to Itazara na Kiss)
  • –ED: “Sore ga, ai deshou” by Shimokawa Mikuni (OP to Full Metal Panic Fumoffu)
  • –You can see some before(1)-and(2)-after(3) pictures of the “improvements” made to the new Ghost in the Shell. More info available at Anime News Network(4).
  • –The Navy manga is available in English here(5), and Japanese here(6). More info here at ANN(7).
  • –Errata on the Navy manga story: the lowest possible rate(8) for Navy enlisted men is indeed “seaman.” No snickers, please. :) The Kitty Hawk is stationed in Yokosuka Naval Base, not Okinawa. Ensign is the bottom rank for officers, though, as stated. Also, the serviceman charged with rape recently in Japan is a Marine(9) rather than a Navy sailor proper (the Marines are a branch of the Navy, however), and the girl he allegedly raped is 14 rather than 12. Shows what I know about the military!

Website References (for iTunes listeners)

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Why I gave Kamen no Maido Guy a try all the way to the end without regretting it. Series Review

I just finished ep 12 and I must say, for me it never got old as in the “last” episode, he once again proved his God-like power and he won rather easily.

I watched this show because the premise sounded very funny – a muscle guy dressed in a maid uniform and serves a teenage girl (oh and her brother) without being considerate of her at all.

That sounded delicious.

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When Health Nazis Take Over the World…Or Japan at Least

So, can you imagine Richard Simmons, the Juice Guy and all these health experts save Atkins form a political party and take over the world or at least Japan and NO CHOCOLATES ARE ALLOWED? AND THEY SEND THE THE MAJOR (a Kusanagi wanna be)  TO ARREST YOU FOR EATING CHOCOLATE?

Oh my God WWWD? = What Would Women Do??? Or rather, what would Louise, the daughter of the owner of a store that sells sweets, her friends Huntley and Smudger, and a couple shattered families do?

I confess, I know nothing about Alex Shearer nor do I care who he is or was. That’s what Mike and Zhong would do – care and find out. I only stick to my thoughts (hence I’m ignorant and nobody would read this, too bad…) But when I saw the studio for production is studio IG, I was surprised.

This is a 5-minute internet based show that doesn’t seem to mean much to me, except to warn me away from health nuts. I mean, the “Completely Health Party”??? Wow, and you know, since I love chocolate, when that long-haired  health Nazi crushed the chocolate in his hands, I was screaming like Shinji. Man that sucked.

Gimme my chocolates, my pizza, my hamburgers and my beer any day! These don’t make me attractive to women, but hey, these are the stable diet for Otaku, Tech Geeks and your other friendly neighborhood nerds, geeks and losers.

I wonder if the Completely Health Party is formed with people like Arnold, Richard Simmons, the Juice Old Guy, Yoga, tree hugging hippies? and MIKE HUANG???

Time to hit the gym…Or Mike may arrest me for drinking too much beer and eating too many slices of Pizza!

“Hey, it’s my playing weight!” – The Rocket (Roger Clemens)

Hook ’em while they’re young – Time to bring out Akiba-chan!

From ANN

Akiba-chan CG/Stop Motion Series to Debut in July

…will premiere on Japan’s KIDS STATION channel on July 24. The “figu-mation” series focuses on the daily life of Akiba-chan and…

Ray’s Take: So I guess it’s now cool to train your kids to know the way of the Otaku when they are young. After all, why not try to mellow them out before they start stabbing people with knives, chopping off the heads of their fathers with axes, shooting their classmates with guns, and all that junk? Let Akiba-oneesama teach you how to date girls on PCs and how to put powerful women on pedestal and worship moe-moe young girls. It’s all fun and games. Good times, good times. I’m certainly looking forward to watch this one.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! A Night With The Pillows.

A short while back, the Japanese rock band The Pillows finished their Delicious Bump tour with all girl rock band the Noodles. While they were here in Los Angeles we stopped by to catch their show and have a brief chat with them.

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