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Canaan 09 – What is love? Baby don’t hurt me…no more.

Minds unsettled.

Past revealed.

Ideals VS reality.

Crazy longings and dreams.

It’s the kind of episode that keeps one on the edge of his seat. It’s also the kind of episode that makes others begging the pain to stop.

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Canaan 08 – Terroists? Really?

The “Snake” is really not a terrorist organization; it acts like another weapons merchant, or in the case of almost modern fantasy like novels, the merchant of Chaos.

It seeks to continue wars and weapons trade and all that. It’s an old concept.

Rierie didn’t appear in this episode and the episode seened kind of dull to me.

Finally, we’re getting into the core of the plot – Noto Mamiko I mean Hakko is leading everyone to her village. We get some strong hints that Canaan as well as  Hakko’s handler are the causes of the destruction of her village, far into Western China.

Is she a Uyghur? Because she, Yun-yun, and that old dude certainly don’t look like the same race. Oh well, it’s anime.

Canaan loses her omni-tracking eye and has to deal with people as any other human does for the first time. It’s very uncomfortable for her.

There are some almost lesbian scenes going on.

I’m looking forward to the next episode. This one was more of a filler for me.