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Who Killed The World? – The Bureau Of Proto Society Delivers

When anime has such a clear-eyed perspective on the zeitgest, I perk up. Imagine my bemused surprise when a medium so often concerned with appeasing…

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Ghost In The Shell At 20 (Now on Hulu Plus)

As raved about over Twitter just a short while ago, subscribers to Hulu Plus can now enjoy the recently released HD edition of Mamoru Oshii’s…

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Through Older Lenses: The Malleability Of Dieting

Been quite busy these last few months, and while in the office, I tend to listen to co-workers dish out what they enjoy via their…

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Aku No Hana : An Assessment Of The Impulse

  And so with self-expulsion comes long-sought intention. Flirtation with the unfamiliar, and an attraction to all things id. What can be perceived as broken…

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The Fujiko Telegrams: Final Transmission

Originally discovered mid-summer 2012. The only thing worse than offering a break from the expected, is to turn one’s back on it at the last…

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The Fujiko Telegrams: Lupin III Fujiko Mine, Episode 2

Continuing ElectricV01 & Wintermuted’s discussions regarding the new Lupin III television series event (Lupin III: Fujiko Mine), The Fujiko Telegrams is an in-the-moment blog/chatfest that’ll…

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