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Attack of Common Sense

Philosophically, there’s really not a lot going on with Shingeki no Kyojin. Power corrupts; power is inhuman; the strong eat the weak. Anyone who has…

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Attack on Titan: “Why We Fight” For the Otaku Age?

gendomike talks Titan: about its deep appeal, which uses primary human fears and emotions to advance what is, fundamentally, a militaristic narrative that calls upon not only the characters, but the audience, to fight. But to fight what, or who?

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Transcript: George Wada (Producer: Attack on Titan) Press Conference

Here’s a direct transcript of George Wada (producer: Attack on Titan)’s comments to the press at Anime Expo 2013. Find out why he made the anime, what it might represent to the contemporary Japanese..and why Mikasa’s abs are drawn like that.

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