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Up Next from Michael this Long Weekend…

Hi everybody, it’s Mike. I’ve been away for while due to the confluence of school, staff meetings, and my parents being in town for Thanksgiving (we had our big dinner tonight rather than tomorrow). Here’s a sneak preview though of what I plan to put up this long holiday weekend:

  • Claymore director and character designer press conference transcript
  • Review/analysis of ef episode 7, as well as the same for Clannad and Kimikiss Pure Rouge
  • A fall midseason review

Thanks to Ray for keeping us alive all these days. Things are not quite yet back to normal, but they will be soon, especially after my academic quarter ends in a couple of weeks.

I’m Alive, Just Midterming–And Some Tantalizing Hints Of Things That May Happen To This Wonderful Website

Dear faithful readers of me, I know I have not posted the latest retraction for my prejudiced first impressions or my continual gushing of sappy drama in Clannad or Blue Drop in a good number of days. It’s just the middle of the school quarter, that’s all. Fortunately, this is not a long hiatus, and there will be no Vault posts–I’ll be much freer by Wednesday. In the near future, look for:

And my first impressions posts of

Also, there are some very exciting additions that more likely than not are coming to this website, some as early as this week, which will significantly expand our coverage and give you a bigger variety of things to enjoy. Can’t say and can’t give details till everything is ironed out, and not everything is 100% certain yet, but let’s just say we could be on the cusp of even greater greatyness than ever before, and your eyes will never be the same again. :) Stay tuned to this Bat channel!