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Gen Urobuchi/Nitroplus Fan Panel: Tweet Digest

An incomplete, pictureless record of Gen Urobuchi/Nitro+’s fan panel at AX 2014. We did our best!

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12 Days of Christmas: WHATTA TWEEST, Gen Urobuchi

Gendomike closes the 12 Days of Christmas series this year with not one, not two, but three twisty moments from Gen Urobuchi anime this year. Is Urobuchi the new M. Night Shyamalan? Is it even entirely his fault?

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Daisuki, a Studio-Backed Anime Streaming Service: First Look and Interview

A new legal streaming service, backed directly by Japan’s biggest animation studios, has just launched! It’s called Daisuki, and we got a chance to speak to them about the service and what it promises.

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Madoka Magica Movies 1 and 2: A Roundtable Discussion

gendomike, M. LaMoe, and wintermuted went to see the first two Madoka Magica movies together last week and boy did they talk. Are these movies that different from the series? What’s the social and religious significance of the story now, and does the third film promise anything interesting?

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Otakon 2012: Gen Urobuchi Interview

Gen Urobuchi needs no introduction and the moment I stepped inside the interview room, I sensed a unique atmosphere filled with the promise of a…

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