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Bridging The Gap: That Moment

  Whenever I discuss any creative medium, one often is remiss if unable to bring up moments of vibrant inspiration. Moments that not merely find…

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Hirano Aya Concert: Review

Our correspondent and professional photographer Shizuka reviews—and shoots—Hirano Aya’s Otakon concert. Contains excellent photos with a link to even more!

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Diary of an Anime Lived: The Slice-of-Life Age, Part 3 (FINAL)

On the strands that make up “slice of life” in our day, and what it means to be a fan in this time where it…

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Waiting for Haruhi; or, My Anime Series Can’t Be This Original!

The howling critical reactions (and counter–reactions) in the anime blogosphere about the fourth episode of Oreimo have prompted some further thought, as a follow-up to…

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Midpoint Review: Angel Beats, Character Development, and Tragic Possibility

Or, why sob stories are not always character development, and what the story might become.

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So I got on Japanese TV after all

Remember that Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya event I was at a couple of weeks ago? Well, apparently the TV Tokyo/Cine-tsu segment that was being filmed…

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