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‘Dickwolves’ cheered at Penny Arcade Expo

Life, it may be said, is lived in fiction. If you got up and went to a job today, odds are that you did it…

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Compensated Dating in the USA

As part of a series on getting by with little money, Business Insider ran an article detailing how a Manhattan twenty-something uses dating website Match.com…

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Pat Galbraith has an interesting article about how maid cafes are a bulwark of stability in these troubled economic times. He dryly notes, “Maids in…

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Civil Liberties Continue to Crumble

Recently a Filipino ban on hentai manga/anime followed a vaguely worded, proposed UK law that would make all sexualized, simulated depictions of minors illegal (possibly…

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On Kannagi and Virginity

For those of you who missed it, there was a big to-do at the close of 2008 over the fact that Nagi of Kannagi might…

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Arthur Kirkland hates lolis

Images that depict underage girls and boys are about to be banned in the UK. First, some context (quotes from experiencefestival.com:) “The United States Supreme…

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