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Arthur Kirkland hates lolis

Images that depict underage girls and boys are about to be banned in the UK.

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First, some context (quotes from experiencefestival.com:)

“The United States Supreme Court decided in 2002, and affirmed in 2004, that previous American prohibition of simulated child pornography under the Child Pornography Prevention Act was unconstitutional.”  The main issue was that there was no harm to any actual children, and the court found that viewing of this material had no causative link to harming children.  True, someone sexually attracted to children would enjoy this kind of pornography, but the converse was not true: someone who enjoyed it would not necessarily harm, or have any feelings for, real children.

“UK law has dealt with simulated images quite differently since 1994, when the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act introduced the legal definition of an ‘indecent pseudo-photograph of a child,’ which is prohibited as if it were a true photograph.”  This act was originally interpreted to apply only to photorealistic images; drawings that were clearly not based on any real children were permitted.

Now, however, things may be changing.
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Good news to our viewers from the empire of Britannia

From ANN

Death Note Films to Premiere in United Kingdom

Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name, Shusuke Kaneko’s adaptations of Tsugumi Ooba and Takeshi Obata’s psychological horror manga, will be screened in the United Kingdom for the first time on November 10 and 11 as part of this year’s Leeds International Film Festival.

Ray’s Take: I’ve been doing this one to death (ha ha), but more chances for viewing great detective stories at the place they were born. Nobody beats Sherlock Holmes in being a detective but fans of Sir Conan Doyle’s novels maybe interested in watching Death Note. The little dancing man…or something like that from the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes sort of comes to mind.

Oh and (obligatory line from me) bring your Death Note and I think the number of unexplained death will rise in Britain…