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O Captain! My Captain! Wherefore Art Thou, Captain Earth?

The failure of Captain Earth may be a sign that the day of the ambitious, mystical mecha series is ending. Gendomike ruminates on the type of show that got him into anime in the first place.

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Toshihiro Kawamoto (dir. Studio Bones) Interview – AX 2010 Press Junket

Toshihiro Kawamoto (Studio Bones) Interview – AX 2010 Press Junket from Anime Diet on Vimeo. And here’s our last interview at the AX 2010 press…

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Eureka Seven: Decompression

There is much I could say in praise of Eureka Seven. I have already covered it from an allegorical angle, but what about the experience?…

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Another Anime great ascends to Otaku Heaven.

From ANN – Bones Co-Founder Hiroshi Ōsaka Passes Away at 44 Posters on the 2ch message boards have noted a mixi social community site’s diary…

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