Bryn Apprill: Finding Her Voice in Anime

At just 17, Bryn Apprill stepped into the world of voice acting, bringing anime characters to life with her talent. Her story offers a glimpse into the demanding yet rewarding field of anime voice acting. It highlights her growth, both professionally and personally, and the balance she strives to maintain between her career and her life outside the studio.

Early Career and Overcoming Challenges

Bryn’s voice acting journey began in high school, presenting unique challenges. Balancing school and work, she quickly learned to manage her time and responsibilities effectively. Despite legal hurdles, like attempting to sign her own contracts will being underage, her family’s support was crucial. They helped her navigate these early obstacles, proving that with determination and the right support, passion can turn into a thriving career.

The Impact on Personal Life

Pursuing voice acting affected Bryn’s personal life significantly. She missed out on typical high school experiences, which made her appreciate the value of personal moments and connections more. This part of her story resonates with many who sacrifice personal time for career goals. It underscores the importance of finding a balance and cherishing relationships outside work.

Watch the full interview with Brynn here on Youtube.

Striving for Balance

Bryn emphasizes the importance of enjoying life beyond work. She advocates for cultivating hobbies and maintaining friendships to ensure a well-rounded life. Her advice is a powerful reminder of the need for a balance between professional success and personal happiness. Bryn’s journey teaches us that true fulfillment comes from nurturing both our careers and our personal lives.

In summary, Bryn Apprill’s path from a budding voice actor to a professional in the anime industry showcases the challenges and rewards of following one’s passion. Her experiences underline the importance of resilience, support, and balance. As Bryn continues to inspire with her voice acting, her story encourages others to pursue their dreams while also making time for joy and connections in their lives.

Author: Jeremy

Jeremy was first introduced to anime with heavily edited versions of Mazinger Z (aka Tranzor Z in the US), GoLion (aka Voltron) and Macross (aka Robotech) while growing up in the 1980's. Since then his tastes have evolved into a fairly eclectic mix of anime with a soft-spot for underdog shonen stories, psychological/cyber-punk stories and select love comedies. Jeremy was also the head organizer of Anime Souffle anime club in Los Angeles. It was at an Anime Souffle meeting where he met Michael Huang and eventually was invited to join as a guest co-host for Scattered Cells Podcast episode #6 in February of 2007. Afterwards he became an official part of the Anime Diet crew.

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