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Through Older Lenses: Cosmos Pink Shock (1986)

It’s the year 2206, and a bright pink spacecraft has made an unauthorized launch from Pluto Space Base #17, and is sporting its hyper rocket…

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Through Older Lenses: Urban Square – Kohaku no Tsuigeki (1986)

  “For years, I didn’t understand the concept of writer’s block. I was like, “what’s that?”, you know? And then I realized a few weeks…

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Bridging The Gap: 30 Years Of Macross, 7 Hours Of Love

Taking a most unusual detour from its previous home at UCLA, I took a short trip from home to spend a few hours as part…

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Through Older Lenses: Gall Force: Eternal Story (1986)

Somewhere in the farthest unknown regions of deep space, an ages long war has raged on between the female humanoid Solnoid race, and the biomechanical…

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Fan Service As Pop Genius: Project A-ko

  Superhuman action, mecha, galactic-scale collateral damage, and in-your-face fan service; as rote and perhaps expected as these elements are within the anime medium, it…

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