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Wolverine 2 defines non-stop action

Without giving too much action, which would overload our senses. Remember a movie called “Chain Reaction”, which starred Cuba Goodin Jr. and Adam Sandler (I think it was Adam Sandler)? Of course not. The movie really had NON-STOP ACTION FOR THE ENTIRE MOVIE! Hate reading all capital letters? That’s what the movie felt like. But this anime, this Madhouse adaptation of Wolverine, does it just right.

The plot…Well, it’s like, Madhouse people said “Eh. Let’s wing it and use something old.” So they did. We know Asano won’t live long. So be it. We know Logan can’t get his girl back yet. So be it. Some of you smart folks (smarter than I, at least) know that he and the assassin woman would be framed. So be it. But all that doesn’t take away from the pure thrill and excitement that it gives us. Nope. The action is smooth. The Ninja woman’s tight ass flying through the air cool action slicing through enemies with double chakram (which would make Xena weep) and Logan’s familiar claw destruction of yakuza’s bodies is capped off with a perfect standoff between Logan and Kikyo, who also seems to have adamantium a blade buried in his body. Man, the awesomeness just continues without giving us a chance to take a breather. Forget that. Madhouse is known for great stabbing weapon action and if you dare to watch its best efforts, be prepared to have a non-stop heart-pumping experience.

I’ve had that just now. Amen.

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