Iron man 05 still rock ‘n’ rule!


People, can anyone tell me why the super simple plots are working like a charm???

Oh and


Man, forget skydive, forget bumgee jumping, forget base jumping, forget ___________ (you young folks can fill in the blank). Forget all that, he does a SPACE DIVE at the end of the episode and goes back to Earth??? Fuck, it sounds stupid on paper but the idea is so fucking cool!

All right, I have a theory why the show works so well.


OK fine, I said before, the music was forgetable. Well you know what? Maybe I missed the point all together.

A great soundtrack does not distract. It blends and ampifies the show. It’s like the props people, the cameramen and for modern movies, CG people, in a great movie. Most people never even bother to think about these behind the scenes folks.

But without them, do you think your favorite movies would be that good? Please.

Simple, simple and simple plots with a superhero that has enough limits to make any anime veteran laugh. Ugly attachments and a US-centric design that should turn any anime veteran off.

Yet it works like a charm on this anime veteran.


You know, great designs, great concepts and great shows can be very simple underneath.

When all that works out, it’s a masterpiece. I’m a believer of simplicity and I AM BUYING IT.

You should too.

2 thoughts on “Iron man 05 still rock ‘n’ rule!

  1. I’ve been enjoying it a ton too! I don’t even know why! It’s just so simple and episodic, yet, quite enjoyable. At the very least I’m liking it a lot more than Heroman, but that’s mostly personal preference I’m sure or something…

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