Guerilla report with a fellow blogger

OK, whatever term you want to use for it. But anyway, I interviewed Tony Wang, AKA Kylaran, while waiting to get May’N’s autograph. He’s a really cool guy and writes for the Nihon Review. Enjoy the interview of a fellow otaku!

Interview with Tony Wang from the Nihon Review AKA Kylaran from Ray Hu on Vimeo.

I just love young folks taking up the baton for the Anime Bloggersphere!

8 thoughts on “Guerilla report with a fellow blogger

  1. Oh wow, this is so embarrassing haha.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! I had a blast meeting all of you and getting to know you guys. I especially appreciate the wisdom all of you have imparted upon a new blogger such as myself.

    You guys have GREAT stuff from the interviews! I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of your stuff from the weekend!

    1. We all had a great time. You were fun and really cool!
      Stay tuned for the rest of the coverage!

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