Divinity (and poverty) of God only knows

Unrequited love is 1% of lust and 99% of rust. – An otaku in NAFTA

The world God only knows. The 2-D world that Otaku only knows. Yes, otaku is new God. And God is poor. Victor Hugo also said “Seeing so much poverty everywhere makes me think that God is not rich.” Living off stacks of cup-ramen (or omusoba bread). Poverty makes us hungry both economically and romantically. Hunger for skinship. Lust for romance. Pink Floyd sings Young lust. But, Otaku’s lust is Young Rust:

Will some woman in the 2-D land

Make me feel like Iron Man?

Take this moetical refugee

Uuu baby, set me free

Uuu, I need a 2-D woman

Uuu, I need a 2-D girl

Turning away from Yahweh’s creation, a rib of Adam, is a sin. 2-D girls are not made of the rib, but the chip of the computer. Yes, lusting after 2-D girls is perversion. Yet, since otakus are God now, we create 2-D girls, so we can set our own rules. Plus, Victor Hugo’s word will make our point better:

Seeing so many perverts everywhere makes me think that God is a pervert.

Seeing so many otakus everywhere makes me think that God is an otaku.

What’s the original meaning of “perversion”? Divert from faith. Diversion. Aversion. Avert from society. Avert from 3-D. Therefore, whoever avoids or escapes from 3-D and takes refuge in 2-D is a pervert. Yes, Otaku is a pervert. Sukebe. Hentai. Apostate.

In turn, advert means “to engage in 3-D.” It’s advertising. Yes, engagement. Marriage is engagement to family and society. Engage means “secure employment” too. And “get people attracted” also. Community involvement. In other words, 3-D engagement.

A pervert is bad, and an advert is good. 2-D citizens are perverts, and 3-D citizens are adverts. Whether you run away or run in.

So, what makes us 2-D citizens? It’s romantic poverty.

Pauper. Paucus (little) + parare (acquire) in Latin. Get almost nothing or very little skinship. Paucus is poco in spanish. So, mucho trabajo, poco dinero. Poco skinship. Genius also is a pauper. Mucho perspiration, poco inspiration. 99% of perspiration, only 1% of inspiration. Yes, corrosion of heart. Deterioration and debilitation of body and soul. Yes, emptiness inside. I’m always poor at heart since girls don’t reciprocate my feeling… Thus, 1% of lust, but 99% of rust.

I try hard not to fall in love. Falling in love is engagement to 3-D. And 3-D is the source of suffering.

Ah, girls… Why are they so cute? Why are they so attractive? I try so hard to avert eye contact with them, otherwise, I’d fall in love. California is pretty much sunny all year long, so I’m supposed to be stable emotionally. An easy going attitude is what California is all about. Yet, once I see girls, my emotion goes unstable. They totally mess up my rhythm, particularly my sleeping cycle. It’s really bad. It’s like a thunderstorm. Yes, especially, rainy day makes me really gloomy. That’s why I listen to Bossa Nova.

Bossa Nova is soothing for rainy days. The greatest bossa song from Anime is probably Cardcaptor Sakura‘s 2nd ED, Honey by Chihiro. Yes, a girl looking at the outside through the window brooding during a rainy day. Lyrics is so beautiful, a girl unable to sleep at night, hugging her knees, with tears of sorrow… That’s my emotional situation. Saudade.

Show me a sign!

So, why are we otakus rusting? One of the reasons is that the fact that Japanese youth, single men from 18 to 34, almost 1/4 of them, never had a girlfriend. That is insane! Too many young men are unmarketable since market fundamentalism operates the world. No wonder Akiba is a hotbed of otaku. No girl has shown me any sign such as trying to beat the crap out of me. Sign or flag is a miracle. If only I saw that sign…my life would have been a divine comedy. Romance = divinity, thus, romantic comedy is divine comedy! Farewell to unrequited love!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

8 thoughts on “Divinity (and poverty) of God only knows

  1. Very interesting piece, as always. However, I will play Devil’s Advocate to the issue of 2D lovers as perverts. (This may need a little lead-in, so bare with me.) Assume that 2D lovers do equal perverts. Ok, let’s run that chain back up. We humans created the 2D characters in our own image. God created humans in His own image. Via logic, if A = B, and B = C, then A = C. God is a pervert. However, perversion indicates diversion from faith, as you noted. What is God if not the progenitor of faith itself? Hence, if God set the standard, then He Himself cannot divert from that course, thus becoming a pervert. (The Bible states that God is constant, never changing.) If this is case, then running back down the chain, we find that humans are quite comfortable creating things in their own image, as it was in God’s own image to perform creation in the first place.

    Anyways, just wanted to drop that in – this piece really sparked a wild hair in me! Great stuff, boss, keep it up!

    1. @Ehrgheiz

      Thank you for the comment! That’s very interesting about Elsie’s Advocate. You’re very intelligent dissecting the logic of Victor Hugo’s famous line from Les Miserables. Yes, God must be H! Ecchi-god. Ero-gami of B-gata H-kei.

      Well, you are a pervert, heretic, and outcast if you set your own standard. God sets zher own standard, so God is a heretic. Religions fight each other for that.

      Otaku’s perversion is diversion from 3-D girls. Otaku has fun with 2-D girls, divert himself with 2-D women. Divertimento. Otaku lives in seclusion from intercourse with the 3-D world since unable to have intercourse with 3-D girls. That’s why girls will freak out meeting otaku. They say, “kimoi (repulsive).”

      Well, girls…they never understood me… And people out there don’t really understand otaku’s world. The world nobody knows. In other words, the world God only knows. So, we are God! May we bless America!

  2. Well I feel kind of it, always i would feel very different from the ones who are engaged in reality very much(sport guys hunting for love, and such stuff), however, 3-D is still important to me….
    kind of neverland to me.

    1. @Ryan

      Thank you for the comment! Yeah, varsity jocks screwing cheer leaders. Reality is like that. Winner-takes-all-women, like Tiger Woods, John Edwards. The most heinous unevolved of human race.
      Yes, I also feel 2-D is like neverland, since I’m a 17 years old Peter Pan…

  3. Well in somewhere i did read,dont remember quite exactly, that we actually see in 2D but our eyes convert the image in 3D so it is a fake 3D, there is a group of elderly religous group called agnosticus (i believe it is writed this way), that were erased by other groups of that time, that they believe that the reign of god is only visible in 3D, and is in fact on earth but we just dont see it because we lack what they called it the “third eye” that allows us to see in 3D, the same thing happened with the SUDARIO DE TURIN, the cloths that wraped jesus after his dead, that had his image in a 2D cloth but the image itself is 3D encoded.
    So to wrap things up, if we see in 2D but our eyes trick us to see a fake 3D, then i prefer the real thing 2D baby 8D

    1. @ManuOtaku

      I see. That’s interesting! You’re very informative and knowledgeable about these mystery genre.

      I never heard of Agnosticus. Oh yeah, the sweat suits of Turin. I think some scientists did carbon dating (C14), and found out it didn’t date back to the time of Jesus. Well, I still want to think that measurement wasn’t done properly. Give it a second chance.

      2-D is a fake 3-D. Yeah, that’s why anime/manga/light novel are fiction. It doesn’t exist in reality or 3-D, so it’s ideal, utopia. But I would call it “dream” rather than “fiction.” Dream or hope. And someday, I wish stuff we idealize in anime would happen to us in real life.

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