Yumeiro Patissiere in Paris

Yumerio Patissiere is going to Paris!

Ichigo-chan and her team Sweets Princes are in Paris, France to compete in the World Cake Grand Prix of St. Marie Academy. But something disturbing has been happening.

When Ichigo-chan and her team were doing sight-seeing in Paris, a blue hair Italian dude was stalking Ichigo-chan with a scooter and sexually harassing her in the presence of her team. And of course, this greatly offended her teammates. However, the dude continued to act unapologetic, overconfident, rude, aggressive, and obnoxious. No respect for the ladies. Ichigo-chan is still a 14 years old middle school student, and that tacky lolicon Gigolo is already after her. I checked France’s age of consent, and it’s 15 years old. So, it’s a crime. I admit he has a nice hair, I wish I could have that volume, but that doesn’t mean crime should be overlooked. We need to lock him up behind the bars. Nanpa-yarou! (Mate-hunting asshole!) In other words, womanizer. Yes, mujeriego. Playboy. Pimp.

Throwing kiss at Ichigo-chan.

It seems that blue hair is a sign of pervertismo. Oh yeah, Muttsurini from BakaTesu is a pervert too. And his hair is blue! Yes, muttsuri (closet perv) plus Mussolini, so he is an Italian guy too. He’s constantly taking photos of girls’ underskirt. He should be locked away also. He would be the most notorious paparazzi in future.

Do Italian guys like Japanese girls? Are Japanese girls that popular in Italy? I don’t know. The only thing I know is Japan and Italy used to be the axis. But the blue hair dude doesn’t seem to have any respect for the ex-axis partner. He is claiming that Japanese men are wimps. He’s saying the Japanese are hetare (coward). Really? What about Italian men? Aren’t they bamboccioni? Moreover, didn’t he know his country is called “Hetalia” which is “Hetare + Italia”?

But Ichigo’s honmei (true crush) is Henri Lucas sensei of St. Marie Academy Paris campus. He’s very ikemen (good looking face) which I feel defeated. Of course, we can tell from the voice actor Daisuke Kishio, who also did an ikemen character Kaname-sama of Vampire Knight.

Moreover, Henri sensei’s secretary is a beautiful parisienne. Chic short hair style and sharp business suits. Very trendy. Her name is Sully. Will I be going to see her a lot in the show? Can she use her high heels to…, no, I’m not a hentai, no way! I’m different from Tachibana of Amagami. I’m the purest hearted otaku in the world. The only thing I pursue is pure love, pure rouge of Kimikiss. Otaku seeks pure in 2-D. Yet, I have to admit I recently broke my vegetarian vow and ate pork. Pig is a dirty animal. That’s why I’ve been defiled with dirty thoughts. I have to be more careful. I have to watch my diet. That’s what AnimeDietitian preaches.

West Europe, ah, France, Paris, I’ve never been there. Ah, if I had money, if I were rich enough like Paris Hilton, I’d definitely be there. Too bad America has been in a mess since the Lehman Shock. I can’t go to the places I want to visit, so the best I can do is visit Yoshinoya, which is my petite luxury. Yoshinoya is my reality. Of course, no girl wants to have a dinner date at Yoshinoya. 3-D (Reality) is harsh. So, I have to have a passport to 2-D instead.

Ah, the mecca of art, Paris… And France is a romantic country. My favorite genre of anime is rabukome (love comedy, i.e., romantic comedy). Yes, that’s why my favorite films are Eric Rohmer‘s, the meister of the French romantic comedy film. Yes, a skinship paradise! Ah, I wish I could grow up in France in my adolescent years, so I could have had skinship as much as I wanted. I wouldn’t have ended up being a kimo-ota (creepy otaku) by now.

I really envy Ichigo-chan and her folks for going to France!

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