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You’re under arrest full throttle ep 1 – No, it’s not yuri, get over it!


A little bit background info for those who know nothing about this series and manga.

This is actually the first manga for Fujishima Kousuke before he drew Ah! Megami-sama. This actually isn’t as long running as Ah! Megami-sama the manga, and it’s not as famous. It’s about two police women in traffic section and they often get into big cases and conspiracy cases. It’s intended to be light hearted and humorous.

OK, let’s talk about episode 1 as if we have never seen any other stuff on this series before.

This show starts out pretty bland. In fact, without really anticipating for the partners to be back, the first episode really doesn’t do much until after the commercial break.

Kobayakawa Miyuki is coming back from LA forensics (CSI anyone?). She meets this supposedly half Japanese half blond kid.

They both fly back to Japan, and some yakuza guy with a cheap suit and glasses makes a grab for the kid, and she stops that. Then chaos ensues.

This is a favorite technique that Fujishima Kosuke loves to do – begins with almost nothing special at all, and then throw in a little, not exactly ordinary incident, and everything goes from there.

What makes his manga so successful is that all his characters are likable and not irritating to many, especially to the average Japanese with hectic lives and long, stressful hours at work and sometimes equally stressful (organ stress, but hey) time after work at the bar.

In his manga, things happen, but you really get a sense that everyone will all end up OK, but you just don’t know what version of “OK” will happen. I guess that’s the only suspense.

Back to the story. Natsumi, the muscle woman cop, comes back from her boot camp training with the self-defense force, where she kicks guys’ asses in arm wrestling all the time. Muscle chicks FTW? That’s up to you.

She’s eating with a female defense force officer when she sees the car chase. she immediately recognizes Miyuki’s driving, and she takes off on bike.

Suffice to say, when these two come together, it’s a hell of a bad day for the bad guys.

I watch this show for the chemistry between these two ladies, nothing more. It’s another of Fujishima’s bland-in-reality-but-a-people-pleaser-and-a-comfort efforts.

75% recommended for your daily anime diet.

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