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Tsundere Banana Special – Haruhi Calls!

[display_podcast] In this episode of Tsundere Banana, Ray discovers an event to promote the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Movie in L.A. on 5:30 PM on…

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Damn it! Why do they have so many anime conventions in LA?

From ANN – PMX Hosts Seiyū Yukana, Claymore’s Director & Designer Pacific Media Expo has announced that voice actress and singer Yukana, director Hiroyuki Tanaka,…

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You’re under arrest full throttle ep 1 – No, it’s not yuri, get over it!

A little bit background info for those who know nothing about this series and manga. This is actually the first manga for Fujishima Kousuke before…

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Post-Claymore Ending Traumatic Stress Anxiety

Hi all, and pardon my anxiety filled face. I’ve been dreading this beginning a few weeks back, but when it finally became reality I still…

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