Who is “IMOUTO”? Cream puff. Oppais Dei.

Kono naka ni imouto ga hitori iru, or Naka-imo. Who is “IMOUTO”? Very much like Princess Lover, which I loved dearly. So, whoever hates Princess Lover must be a…no, I’m the most open minded person on earth. Anyway, this is about a son of a zaibatsu and there is his long lost little sister among potential bride girls that he’s gonna have to choose. Yes, like the Bachelor series, but the joker is his imouto of a different mother since his father was a playboy.

And the ED was so awesome. I’ve fallen in love instantly. The best moe song of the Summer 2012! And the anonymous guitarist shows how to play the chords. It’s awesome. The guitar comping somehow resembles Friendship Birthday of Arashi No Yoruni ~ Himitsu no Tomodachi.

Oh yes, Tora-san had a long lost imouto from a different mother. That’s why I love Tora-san. But unlike Tora-san, his sister is unknown to him, so it’s very dokidoki to see who turns out to be his imouto. The bride would be his imouto 20% of possibility. Yes, 1/5. Russian roulette!

Ah, I love the one with long black hair and big oppai. Konoe! Oh my gosh, she is a very proximity close heroine (超接近型ヒロイン)! Yes, skinship proximity, even kiss range! She tries to comfort you by putting her own forehead on your forehead. A feint of kiss. I thought she was going to kiss him! Gaaahhh. What a teaser!

And she does uwamezukai (upperward glance) when she looks at you. I’d totally fall for her.

And she buys you a shoe cream (cream puff, or chou à la crème), which is her favorite food, just to share with you exclusively! That exclusivity, kyaaa!

And she acts shy when she’s walking with you. Ah, how kawaii!

And sitting on a bench at a park, eating together, sharing shoe creams. How romantic~.Ahhh, if a cream on your face, she will wipe it off with her handkerchief while her glittering pupils look straight into your eyes. Yes, like Chitanda from Hyouka, also my favorite 2D girl! 

And while wiping off, she protrudes her chest, and her oppai juggles. And the same timing, the earthquake emergency news pops up on the screen, “JNN  earthquake emergency news: earthquake happened around 2:04.” So, otakus went, “Yeah, GD (good job)! Earthquake!” And the earthquake happened in Fukushima!

Yes, this is a Panglossian anime because the earthquake is causing her cream puffs (that’s what she refers to her oppai) to wobble, which makes otakus ecstatically happy, instead of a usual earthquake bringing catastrophe. “All is best for the best of the best of all possible worlds.” Voltaire wrote Candice to criticize that dogma. He brings up the 1755 Lisbon earthquake to refute that claim. Also Voltaire’s novel was quoted by Ivan to refute Alyosha’s theological position in The Brothers Karamazov. I used to share the same view with Voltaire, since I experienced the 1995 earthquake and Tokyo subways nerve gas terrorist attack, and the same year Evangelion came out on TV. Probably many Japanese are sharing the pessimistic view due to the recent tsunami in Northern Japan. But now I will bring up this Fukushima earthquake to change my stance. Even an earthquake is contributing to the best of all possible worlds. Yes, the best of 2D world! Leibnitz would be smiling in his grave when Konoe’s oppai was wobbling! Boobquake. Seismoppai! This is the true Opus Dei, the work of God! Oppais Dei!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

6 thoughts on “Who is “IMOUTO”? Cream puff. Oppais Dei.

  1. The person claiming to be IMOUTO actually sounds more like a stalker to me actually 🙂 She makes all these mysterious calls, basically follows him and says she knows what he is doing, and leaves mysterious gifts and photos. I’d be creeped out if this were real life…but this is anime so it’s cute and adorable. I suppose. 🙂

    1. Hahaha, they are stalkers! But everything is forgiven, because cuteness is justice! It never happened to me in real life, but at least looks ecstatic in 2D.

  2. Haha, I always have one favorite sentence in each of your reviews (e.g.”moe is justice!”) this time it was “Leibnitz would be smiling in his grave when Kaori’s oppai was wobbling!” xDD, I mean like seriously how do you come up with such ideas, and yeah she’s also my favorite heroine in this anime, dere-dere FTW :DDD

    1. @Franz

      Thanks! Actually, Kaori is seiyuu’s name, and the character name is Konoe. My bad, I mixed up and now it’s corrected. This show got me intoxicated with too much moe. These theological ideas I usually get from our Rev. Bible Otaku gendomike. Yeah, we adore the same 2D girl, comrade! Dere-dere FTW!

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