To Heart 2 OVA ep 1 impressions

To Heart 1 had a lot of charm, even though I could hardly identify with the protagonist – but I do have to admit, he…scores!

OK, that was dumb. But To Heart holds a special place in my heart (sorry about the pun), even without a real plot. To Heart RMM (Remember My Memories) on the other hand, tries hard to come up with an interesting plot, but ultimately it falls flat, and the charm of the original series is lost. The focus became more triangular – among Hiroyuki, Akari, and Multi. Although I definitely didn’t mind see more of Multi (I’ll post the pics of my Multi doll/action figure and other figures some time), but the show itself wasn’t as special as the original.

In To Heart 2, well, the main guy was more like Pedestrian A than anything, or in this case, Pedestrian Takaaki (as opposed to Pedestrian Shinn in Gundam Seed Destiny), I mean, we know he’s there, and he does get into some situations, but a lot of times it just felt that he was watching everything happening, just like we do. In a real drama or novel, that would be a no-no, my co-host of the podcast and the site used to commit that type of mistake in his writings long, long ago. Anyway, To Heart 2 was more of the same thing as To Heart 1, but to me somehow, it just lost the charm that To Heart 1 had. Anyway, on with the episode impressions…

The main plot of this episode is focused on the maid robot learning how to serve Kosaka Tamaki and her maid robot crazy brother Kosaka Yuji. All the other popular characters make their appearance as well, such as the Himeyuri twins, and of course the super moe killer-imoto character Konomi. Takaaki shows up a few times eating and talking with the other characters, too, but he was mostly just show up when needed.

As usual, the episode starts in the school (well, duh), and this time, Yuji has something that he can’t wait to see at home – the maid robot Illufa!

While watching this OVA, I was having a pretty good laugh at Yuji’s expense. In this episode he was trying to record on DVD and later on videotape everything that the maid robot does. But every time he got something recorded, his older sister, Tamaki (nickname: Tama-ne) always comes and breaks it up, and breaks his camcorder in the process. All these sequences ends with him mourning about how much his camcorder costs. Now, it’s funny for the first 2 times, but after the 5th time it quickly got boring on me. All I wanted was for Yuji to somehow knock out his older sister and make the maid robot serve him right. I mean, the robot is a maid.

Oh, and every time Tama-ne beats up Yuji, in the mind of Illufa, the ranking of Yuji drops a level, so it goes like this: Tamaki >Yuji>>>>>>>Illufa, and every time Tamaki busts Yuji for trying to do something shady to Yuji, his level drops one, so after the first time, it looks like this: Tamaki>>Yuji>>>>>>Illufa, and eventually, it becomes this: Tamaki>>>>>>>>Yuji>Illufa :P, and in Illufa’s mind, there’s a prime directive so Yuji never quite drops below her rank, but after Tamaki teaches her a bunch of ways to deal with Yuji, Yuji groans that he’s got two older sisters now. Illufa wears glasses in one scene when she tries to force Yuji to do his homework, and Yuji exclaims that he doesn’t like robot maids with glasses, but I’m sure that some viewers loved that.

Anyway, for To Heart 2 fans who couldn’t get enough of this, it’s a must watch, cause I’m sure there are many insider jokes, and even without knowing the game, and forgetting all the plots about the TV series (plots? REALLY?), it was funny, but nothing spectacular.

The obligatory fan service scene

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