Sukitte Iinayo! (Say, “I love you!”), F@ck ikemen!

Ikemen must explode!

Ahh, seen 3 episodes, and this show has just too many bitches.

I don’t really know the girls’ world, but I think it’s exaggerating since this is a shōjo anime.

Asamai, a girl with kyonyuu (big boobs), has been bullied throughout middle school and high school. In middle school, guys teased her oppai, “That’s plainly disgusting. Why don’t you jump?” But Yamato, the ikemen, told her that he loves big tits. “Kyonuu are awesome.” Then, she totally fell for Yamato. Jeez, if I say to a girl, “I love your tities,” that would be a harassment. But if an ikemen says so, a girl will fall in love with you. So unfair!

Nakanishi confesses to Asamicchi.

And in high school, Asami continues to get bullied about her kyonuu, and this time by delinquent girls. They call her, “Suika (watermelon). And what’s more, “Yari-man onna (slutty cunt woman).” Yari-man is yari (fucking) + manko (cunt). And when Nakanishi, who has a crush on Asami, comes in to stop bullying, he bleeds from his nose. “I don’t care about big boobs, especially if it’s Asami’s!” And then, they say, “Hey look. There is a guy who wants to get laid with you. LOL.” Then, Asami runs and cries. Mei tells Nakanishi to chase her and tell his true feeling to her. Then he confesses his love to her, “Of course I like your boobs, but more than that, I love who you are!” Just the way you are, Billy Joel would be dancing. But these girls are really awful. Yes, they are morally repugnant bitches. But they look like delinquent girls from the 80s.

And then, Arai, a girl that Yamato used to have a crush on in middle school, goes to karaoke with Yamato, but this girl is really slutty. “I know you had a crush on me in middle school.” And then she grabs his arm and presses her oppai against his upper arm. “Are you still in love with me?” “I heard that you’re a player now.” “You even kissed a girl like Tachibana, but not me?” “Why don’t we sneak out together?” Oh my Gosh. I didn’t know this kind of girls existed in Japan. That was totally unheard of back in my high school years. That’s like Kato asking Makoto for sex in School Days. Yamato was not that ikemen in middle school. But in high school, he gets taller and has good looking hairstyle like a host, so I guess now Arai wants to sleep with him.

“I had sex with your boyfriend.”

Then, Aiko, another female friend of Yamato, says to Mei, “How can he choose you, not me? Though we had sex.” That was a shocker. She was angry because Mei didn’t take any effort to get Yamato. From Aiko’s perspective, she was really working hard to be beautiful. But all the effort went in vain because her ex cheated on her, she saw him going into a love hotel with another girl, red-handed. Then, Yamato told her, “I think you’re cute even without makeup. But I know you’ve been working hard for your boyfriend.” Then, she was like, “He was the first guy who praised my crude face.” And then, she cried and begged him to have sex with her. “Have sex with me, have sex with me!” That was surreal… What if I say the same thing to Aiko? She’ll say, “Don’t get near me, you creep!” I won’t even hear a word, “sex.”

Have sex with me!

Well, why are there so many bitches in this show? Crazy. I don’t like bitches, but sluts don’t bother me at all. Indeed I love sluts. Free sex is more than welcome! I’ll join Slut Walk. But no girl has acted slutty to me. How can that be? All I’ve seen is girls turn into sluts around ikemen, while they themselves say they despise slutty girls. How hypocritical? And turn into a bitch against each other? But they aren’t the one to blame. So, who is to blame the most, the answer is crystal-clear, ikemen!

Thus, I conclude,

F@ck ikemen!

*If we do, it is a crime.

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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5 thoughts on “Sukitte Iinayo! (Say, “I love you!”), F@ck ikemen!

  1. I watched 3 eps of this show, I think it is decent. Though it is like watching a high school v version of Nana, or a nitty gritty version of Hana Yori Dango.. pretty Josei actually. I am unsure if this would be such a great ending.

    1. Cool! I’m glad that you’re checking out. I thought this was shōjo since they are still in high school. Maybe it’s more deep than other shojo animes?

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