Steins;Gate – Episode 1&2

A mad scientist who really seems absolutely bonkers, Rintarō Okabe talks to seemingly nobody on his cell phone, accuses doctors at seminars of plagiarism to later be told the seminar never happened, claims everyone who gives him even a slight cross-eye glance must be an “agent,” his texts somehow end up sent to the past, comes across a woman stabbed to death who only moments ago claimed she had seen him 15 minutes prior when he had been wooing some adorable costume making cohort of his with a metal dog keychain thing and then and then OMGOODNESS HE MICROWAVES BANANAS AND MAKES THE CUTE GIRL EAT THEM THIS GUY IS TOTALLY INSANE!!!!111!!!

Or is he?

The end of the episode made me super glad that I had waited until the next episode was released because wow, I’ve never clicked “WATCH NEXT EPISODE!” faster. (Lies… I totally have.)

This is going to be a mindtrip of a series. If it is not, don’t blame me, blame the first episode for being so promising!

“Prologue of the Beginning and End” : the title of the episode leads me to believe that the beginning of the series will somehow appear at the end. (Never ending loop.) If anyone is a fan of the Artemis Fowl series, they’ll know what I mean by bringing the correlation up.

Traps make for the best toys.

The second episode, “Paranoia of Time Leaps” clears up expands upon a few the asynchronicities from the previous episode. There is also a trap. A really random trap. While I do love traps, I’m hoping there is a point to having some hot chic man person who gives advice and exorcises fake demons from hands.

The main peculiarity presented during “Paranoia of Time Leaps” is the absolution of John Titor’s work concerning time travel. The man’s work was there for the first episode, he was sure something special. Special enough to cause Rintaro to yell at some doctor about plagiarism which causes him later to get pwned by a zombie alive-and-well genius during a lecture. Who is John Titor? Perhaps a friend of John Galt. John Titor, counter to all past knowledge, never had anything to do with the year 2000. Cryptically, he claims he “never will.”

Not a trap? Just be a genius.

Introductions of main characters are given by throwing out odd paradoxical psuedo-philosophical verbiage while Rintaro documents his “experiments” as well others are introduced during simple interactions.

Bananas play another important role in this episode.

In a disturbing manner.
Back to where they were, attached to the bunch only slimy. Interesting…
The time-traveling, transporter, whatever it will turn out to be microwave needs a bit of work.

*taps toes impatiently for the next episode*

author note: am being purposefully more confusing than usual. It’s more fun to figure things out for yourself with Steins;Gate. Outside-of-box-thinkers rejoice! You may be the only ones to know what is happening! Along with anyone who has played the (supposedly decent) game.

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