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Sketchbook – Full Colors 02, 03 – chill out without drugs or booze…

It’s a great feeling able to chill out without drugs or booze and enjoy girls in yukata and geta/sandals, or do something completely different from routine and discover life’s little surprises along the way…

Of course, being me, what I often discover is that when I stray from my routine. I tend to forget the important things to do, misplace my keys, forget my wallet, getting lost, frustrated, inconvenienced, yada yada yada. But fortunately, this is a calm and peaceful chill out anime and not real life.

This is an anime that features a group of quirky girls and one or two obsessed guys…I take that back, everyone’s obsessed with little things and quirky, but instead of having crazy people running around scaring the shit out of everyone (read: the audience), we have a bunch of lovable, Azumanga Daioh-style art students that make us laugh.

Sora begins each episode with her internal monologue, which states little things/pet peeves/ quirks that some of us really can relate to. Little obsessions or subconscious things that we do. In this example, the step to start your day with.

Sometimes, doing things a little different makes your day that much more interesting. Of course I don’t think just by doing one little thing, every single little thing will be different, but maybe it helps to get you out of your routine.

The Japanese, who is the intended audience, probably secretly wish that they can do that more often.

I love it when the lobster guy goes insane trying to protect his lobster from the cat, and also trying to force the poor thing to become blue, and gets really pissed off when the lobster have its eggs.

In episode 03, we see that Sora is such as “natural girl” (Otaku term), that she almost believes and exaggerates on everything, and her imagination is simply awesome…Grean Onion stick tapes…Hahahahaha…

I wonder if someone will start a cult worshiping the all-purpose green onions.

Ao-kun, Sora’s little brother, meets her puppet wielding friend, Aso-san, and he’s spooked. It’s funny as hell and when I saw him wondering: “Hmm, I wonder what my sisters’ friends are like?” I said to myself: “Dude, you don’t wanna know.”

They go to the festival, have a great time. Sora imagines some more, and finally they get to see the fireworks. I really love the comment Ao-kun and his friends has on these people: “Are all high schoolers stupid?”

I love cynical kids…Oh wait, who said I liked kids at all?

Overall, chilled and calm humor with few physical slapstick bid placed in. A nice and quiet balance that soothes. And that

gets a 88% recommendation from me for your daily anime diet. Don’t forget to enjoy the color pencil/watercolor like background and listen to the soothing piano play of Makino Yui, who also sings the ED.

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