Shōjo and kids shows, Autumn 2012

Shōjo titles

I like shojo, especially romance genre, oh yeah, Kimi Ni Todoke was just divine. But this season, I don’t know why they pick boring titles, such as Kami-sama Hajime-mashita. An ikemen with foxy ears. ¡Viva bestialidad! I know I love a bishōjo with wolf ears and tails like Spice And Wolf. It’s okay with a girl but not a dude? Ah, I may be gender-biased as this angry American adamantly criticizes. But, animal ikemen is not my field, sorry. And yokai-mono is not my thing. And other shojo titles are kind of getting cliche, a lone girl, probably a diligent high school student, somehow gets the attention of the ikemen of the school. And within the first episode, a kiss happens. And it’s a kiss without her consent!

My Little Monster – And that ikemen is emotionally unstable, yes DQN (dangerous and violent delinquent, who should be locked up behind the bars). Yes, he’s an emotionally unstable monster, so he suddenly bursts into anger and fights, but at the same time, bursts into tears. Probably for girls, a tearful ikemen is moe, which I detest. Oh yes, I don’t like tsundere dude, but love tsundere chicks. Yes, I may be gender-biased. But for girls, tsundere is only limited to ikemen. And all these ikemens are a bit of stalker, but they are ikemen, so everything is permitted! What’s more, a kiss without her consent. That’s exactly a date rape! So, if a monster is an ikemen rapist, he can get away!?

Sukitte Iinayo (Say I love you!) – This is somewhat interesting. It’s also about a lone girl, she does’t have any friends. Her cellphone’s contact list is only her family. Man, that means she doesn’t have any SNS, no facebook, twitter, texting, not even possibility of sexting! So, she’s totally out of touch from civilization! Ah, self-exile. Cyber hikikomori! She’s worse than me! So, the first person she ever puts in her contact list is the ikemen! And how he cracked her bubble was pretty interesting. Her first person, socially, and of course later, sexually…with a kiss without her consent! Oh boy… Worse than Kaoru from Sakamichi No Apollon. Is he the one started this whole trend of ambush kiss? Anyway, I think I will check the 2nd episode to see if this is going to be worthwhile watching.

Kid’s titles

I usually skip these by default, though the last season I watched Arashi no Yoru Ni. Surprisngly, that was not for kids but for grownups! Though it was based on a children’s book. And this time, I’ve watched some.

Oshiri Kajiri Mushi (Ass-biting bug) – This is so bizzare. A bug bites your butt, so you get energized by that. That’s the best way to get fired up! So, if you see a girl depressed, you can fire her up by biting her derriere! “Fired up! Ready to go!” Obama looked sulky in the last debate, so he needs these bugs. That’s what he needs to do to prepare for the next debate. Get that bug to bite his culo! Anyway, one episode of this was enough.

Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter – This is hilarious. It’s stupid, but it’s about cars that transform into robots and fight. And the ED is so bizarre, I never seen robots dance. And T&A is too stimulating for preadolescent boys. And the girl is really cute. Rinne-chan. Yes, aka Lolinne, Loli + Rinne. And her dreams is compete in Olympics as a figure skater! So, yes, Lolympics! Mt. Lolympus. And as I thought, there emerges typical of otaku comments, peropero (licking sound)! Lolicon perorist! War on perorism is what Gov. Ishiwara is doing. But, we will resist any censorship to the best of our peropero power as unrepentant perorists. Peropero is the source of revolution! 

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4 thoughts on “Shōjo and kids shows, Autumn 2012

  1. Shojo anime are such a hit and miss with me. I like My Little Monster.. and Kamisama Kiss.. still haven’t seen the anime yet, but I read up to volume 9 of the fab manga. ^_^

    1. I see. Yeah, probably mangas are better. I may be liking Sukitte Iinayo, but let’s see.

  2. I think it depends.. I kinda wish you were able to see this adaptation panel I was able to see once with Ani Gamers’s Evan Minto talking about how much adaptation there is, and just how much things can be seen good with one format and vice versa.

  3. I’m a huge shojo fan as well, my first was of course Sailor Moon but what really got me into it was Utena which for some reason wasn’t shocking with it’s slight yuri and Incest and I was in middle school reading it. But I think Mars by Fuyumi Soryo I think started all this lonely girl meets ikeman trend. What made it even more popular is Paradise Kiss. I think Japan was seeing how popular K-dramas ambushes kisses were and jump on the band wagon. I’m just wondering but do you like Inu Yashi? I was planing on watching Kami-sama Hajime-mashita but ended up watch Spice and Wolf instead.

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