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Cutting the Way Into a Story: Severing Crime Edge 1-3

2013-04-22 19.17.51
What a name!

Liking to cut hair as a hobby is strange, and probably stalker-ish, but don’t let it put anyone off of watching The Severing Crime Edge, a Spring 2013 anime that is streaming on Crunchy Roll. With this review there has been three episodes made available.

High school student Haimura Kiri ends up getting off at the wrong stop after school and finds himself at a mansion on the end of the last bus stop. With his family inherited scissors, he loves to cut people’s hair. He meets Mushanokuji Iwai, who is a girl that lives at the mansion with very long hair that magical regenerates every night.

*Allow me pick up your hair*

With their meeting, begins a game that would draw Kiri into becoming a courtier of sorts. Iwai is known as the current Hair Queen, and with her death comes the fulfillment of wishes to people known as authors. Each Author owns a cursed “killing goods” that provokes the authors to become psychotic murderers.

So after the first episode begins the task for where Kiri discovers his abilities to protect his “instead” (reason for him to not become a psychotic killer)…

The second episode introduces more of the series supporting character… and the third episode involves some nudity.


Kiri has a weird hobby, but he has a great career ahead of him as a hair cutter and partner/companion/lover to Iwai?

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