Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi…Moving along with Episodes 3-4

So with Anime Boston occuring, I ended up catching up with two episodes and recapping them here… Sekai has actually reached a point where I want to see more couples. Clearly any one else watching this series can call me impatient. But past history tells me that if the main couple is a given… then I reeeeally want to see the other couples, since I probably end up liking the others more than the main couple. (In Junjou Romantica, you can see me squeeeee for Terrorist, and Egoist, way more than for Romantica.)

I am also not a fan for ukes that won’t just take the cue from the seme and give up already. I commented about this fact to my friends, and a friend commented, that it is the uke’s ass on the line. Technically this doesn’t compute well with this fangirl. I am pretty direct on how I expect relationships. It does not necessarily involve sex. So is this an American aspect then? I also mentioned in the past review for a third person to be introduced, well here is Mr. Third person, depicted above and it is not the seme that gets jealous but the uke that gets the green monster.

Episode 3-4 moves on a slow pace, with Ritsu still not giving into Takano. (sighs) Wondering if I should just wait until this show ends to just see what happens? But other than my frustrations for the romance, there is more interesting behind the scene look at how a publishing model usually works. What I forgot to mention, is that with every episode conclusion, there is a recap for what publishing concept was introduced int he episode.

Author: Linda

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10 thoughts on “Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi…Moving along with Episodes 3-4

  1. I remember the reflection of people standing behind me on the train’s window since I used to ride on train everyday in Tokyo. Yes, especially at night. Here in SoCal, I don’t get to be in a train. So I have forgotten that for a long time.

    The pace is rather slow. So the third person is actually Takano’s boss? I don’t know when Ritsu will finally get it, maybe the final episode? Kaicho wa maid too, the uke was so slow, and it dragged. Shojo is notorious for the slow pace romantic development.

    Man, seems manga industry is too stressful. It’s drudgery, not 9-5 job, always overtime, bringing work to home, even cutting back sleep. All the mangakas are sick from overwork. Even Hollywood doesn’t exploit workers like that. In Japan, overwork is the norm, it’s a society of Karoushi. This anime is too 3-D. I hope Ritsu won’t die from overwork. Better look for a job with a better working condition.

    1. Yes.. publishing industry is like that.. lots of deadlines. Otherwise how can anything be printed? Doubt that Ritsu will die from overwork. (sighs) I wish I had a job like that! I am unsure if by the end of this anime series would Ritsu wake up.. the manga is still publishing.. Hence I rather have a second or third couple introduced to off set from the main couple.

      1. Yes, a lot of deadlines, but 40 hrs labor standard needs to be enforced. Japanese salarymen smoke and drink heavily due to enormous stress, and karoushi is a huge societal problem. Otherwise, it would’ve been a dream job for me too. I see, so if Ritsu’s not going to wake up, then, will there be the 2nd season? And a 2nd or 3rd couple is of course man-to-man, right?

      2. At this moment, way too early to know if there is a second season or so. I do believe that if it weren’t with how Junjou Romantica was so popular that there was even a second season. So usually series like this only end with one season. Right now I see that Japan is like the U.S. There’s pretty high unemployment, so with how the current employment system is, something is changing, even with Japan. Although with how the Fukushima Plant situation has become, it definitely exemplifies how much Japan still has that one company, one employment situation.

        Yes! Of course the 2nd and 3rd couple is going to be man/man… this is a bl title ^_^

      3. I see. So, usually one season then. Junjo Romantica is similar to Sekai Hatsukoi; uke has baby face, and seme has cool mature face and taller. Yes, the lost decades, now youth are leaving work within three years. A lot of NEETs like jellyfish princess. Youth know life time employment isn’t guaranteed anymore.

        Oh, that was a stupid question. Of course, man/man. It’s like going to a liquor store and asking, “do you sell alcohol?”

      4. Jujou and Sekai are by the same mangaka, as well as the same anime team. Since I never reviewed Junjou Romantica on this site or anywhere else, I forgot to mention that. I have never seen Jellyfish Princess. (Sighs) Don’t I know it with life time employment.

        Don’t worry, it is already great that you’re sampling this series. ^_^

  2. The problem here is not so much that Ritsu doesn’t get the clue but rather he doesn’t want to give in. Still the end result is the same. And that’s why he needs to get jealous, isn’t it?

    It’s kind of frustrating how the two leads get along well for work but their romance fails.

    One thing I find interesting in this series is that editing manga seems to be very different from editing literature, even after putting the difference in medium aside. For one thing, I didn’t know that it’s the editor’s job to stick the dialogues in (manually!!! didn’t they say that they have digital manuscripts?), not the mangaka. So the editors take part in making the manga. Wow.

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      He is getting jealous because he doesn’t want to admit that he still has feelings for Takano, but yes you’re right on how the ending should possibly be, a happy ending. But as I am always a cynic, I can’t help but fear an unresolved ending. But you’re right on how frustrating the romance is, hence I look to supporting characters for something else.

      Oh I do wonder how it is like. It might be the case several years ago, but with Photoshop… I do question, but if the company is still using printing services, then seeing this manual work being done is not as unusual. I do wonder how much work does an editor take part in the manga, but then I see another anime… Mainichi Kaaan, and the editor’s job is completely different.

  3. Yeah, manually putting the dialogues in does look very obsolete in the time of computers, and Wikipedia says phototypesetting like that has fallen out of favour. Still some countries may be more conservative than the others, but I doubt Japan would be one of such countries.
    Out of curiosity, what is the editor’s job in the series you mentioned like? How different is it from the portrayal in Sekaiichi?

    1. Mostly I always see the editors gloomy waiting.. and really panicky that the mangaka is not done yet, and the mangaka is always making excuses to just push along the deadline…(this is from what I see in Mainichi Kaasan). so Sekai does seem to portray it a bit more interaction between the creator and editor. This I feel is a more realistic supporting portrayal.

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