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Sekirei – Pure Engagement Promo thoughts

More Seikirei, really? Yes. Really. More magic of how anime used to be…

Wait a minute,this was how anime used to be?

No, I’m not talking about fan service, moe coming out of the wazu, loli-running half naked on every screen. I’m talking about superpowers, water snakes, flying discs, using a sword to cut an entire battleship in half and all those sorts of things. Of course, powerful women in sometimes skimpy outfits fighting for what they believe.

Oh wait, Queen’s Blade has women fighting for their causes and yes I like Queen’s Blade. But Queen’s Blade takes service and goes to where no men (women) has gone before.

Matsu on the Punishment Team? Wow.

Looks like Paku (I like spelling it this way) will get more air time as well. Oohoo!

And, uh, a Kill-Bill/Bruce Lee outfit girl will be fighting Musubi.

Pure Engagement, so it’s women fighting in sexy outfits…Uh…you know, they used to have that in anime, too. So that’s…actually…OK?

BUT GETTING BACK TO MY POINT…Watching this promo simply gives me a sense of nostalgia. Ah…Women fighting, loving and superpowers.

So, let’s enter the Sekirei world again.

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