Day of Rabbu or not… Recorder to Randoseru

Clearly half of the world has already celebrated this commercial holiday already, but here on the East Coast it is still a couple of hours away. On this day before Valentine’s day, I spent a couple of minutes catching up on Crunchyroll streaming Recorder to Randoseru. It is so short that watching this three minute short anime is not really a hardship. More like a mental “sweatdrop” and “huh” expression for the scenario improbability.

Recorder to Randoseru is about two siblings, with the brother being quite tall to the point of being mistaken and arrested for being a molester in spite of his age as ten years old with. Quite similar to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button right? I doubt the anime is going to talk about reason for why Atsushi is the age he is, so take caution to watch this show with a grain of salt. Otherwise you’ll probably act like Moriyama-sensei and run screaming for the hills.

So episode six of RとR has the cast celebrating Valentine’s day. For clarification to those not in the know, in Japan the girls gives chocolate to guys on Valentine’s Day. Then a month later, the guys would give the girls a white gift. Personally I always never really make it on time for homemade choco-giving… so I always throw my friends store brought choco. However on the shopping advice of my mom and just a quick re-look at Dancing Queen’s blog from last year. This year I am going to have a goal of definitely rolling up my sleeves to make giri- and tomo- choco for my friends…

Hopefully it won’t turn out like this..

Recorder to Randoseru

Author: Linda

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2 thoughts on “Day of Rabbu or not… Recorder to Randoseru

  1. I love Recorder and Randsell. It’s really a fun show.

    I totally loved The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, by Brad Pitt and Catherine Blanchett. Somehow, it’s similar to Tezuka Osamu’s Hinotori, Space arc. Memory of true love, eccentric boyfriend. An old woman’s memory of her ex-boyfriend, Scissorhands too.

    Hope you make a good tezukuri choco. Not like that Dadaist objet, or kyoshinhei from Otomen, LOL!

    1. Recorder and Randsell it easy to watch, but sometimes I find the joke kinda weak.. since I have no idea why the brother is this tall. I have never seen The Curious Case, but have read a book that had a similar plot to the movie. Never read that arc in Hinotori as well.. only sampled the Warring arc. Never saw Scissorhands as well. >.< You keep on referring to culture I have heard of, but never experienced. Thanks for the encouragement! I shall hope to make pretty good choco tomorrow.

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