Princess Lover 08 – save me the dramatics and keep giving us the boobs!

Oh yes, just because I’m not rich, I’m supposed to feel something about the terrorists’/ the special forces’ whining about being poor all their lives.


…………………………………. yeah like fucking right!

Life sucks and dumb shits who fell for derivatives created by some genius kid on Wall Cum-swallowing Street get to drag down everyone. That’s life and it sucks plenty.

The schemes of the invaders of Arima Hills Hotel is easily foiled and all seems to be all right, and Charlotte feels bad about that kidnapper who confessed the reason behind it all. HOW TOUCHING….Like princesses give a flying fuck. That’s some realism.

All in all, OK animation, OK action, OK plot. Hartman dies conveniently so Teppei can get with Charlette in the end. Well, I like her breasts the most anyway.

Of course Teppei’s personal maid happens to be the captain of the computer wizard team…eh, it’s all good.

Go and replay the scene where Sylvie’s suit pops open and her boobs jump and bounce  in freedom and joy in the spirit of fan service. That’s what’s it good for.

Nearly the end.

Author: Ray

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