Onisuki. Taste Of Incest? First look

Taste Of Paradise = Taste Of Incest?

Watching the 1st episode of Onisuki, I’ve found this utterly immoral. Simply abjection. Morally repugnant. I mean this is not something to watch. It defiles my mind. So, I was going to quit in the first few minutes, well until the OP came up…

The opening song is “Taste Of Paradise,” sung by my favorite StarChild seiyuu, Kitaeri! And this song is, OMG! The upbeat rhythm of this song perfectly fits my moetical taste. Taste of paradise… Taste of honey. So, endogamy is taste of paradise? Well then, I shouldn’t feel ecstatic about this song since the lyric is promoting evil, just like Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” has become controversial from the recent Arizona tragedy. But with Kitaeri’s cute moetical voice…I can’t resist, and especially when the tea time scene pops up, I forget everything about illicit nature of this sinful anime.

Girls' Tea Time!

Ahhh, tea time with girls! How I wish I wanted to be a girl! You know nowadays soshokukei boys are also having a tea time at pastry shops, but of course there’s nothing better than having a tea time with girls! A little chat with tea and a slice of cake! How adorable!

How come there’re many animes dealing with incest? Oreimo, Myself Yourself, Onegai Twins!, and so many others. It’s sick.

Well, probably, historically in Japan, incest was partly okay. The ancient imperial family was pretty much incestuous. Royal siblings married each other. Yet, the condition was that they had to be half-siblings with different mothers. The Legend of Soto-orihime, the greatest romantic tragedy from Kojiki, is about Prince Kinashi no Karu, an imperial heir, lost his status and died in exile for mating with Princess Karu no Ōiratsume, his own sister of the same mother. Well, exile was a capital punishment back then, no conbini, no phone, no internet. So, basically hikikomori, self-imposed exile, was impossible then. If you got cut off from family and village, you were dead.

Today’s Japanese Prime Minister, Kan Naoto‘s wife is his first cousin. In Japan, even its First Family is like that. How homogeneous Japan is. And there’s no law to punish incest in Japan. And it’s possible to even marry a non-blood step sibling.


Incest is pretty much based on the fundamentalist ideology of purity. Yes, puritan. Homogeneity is their top priority. Racial purity, ethnic purity, religious purity. And the smallest social unit is family, and to keep family pure, you can’t have sex other than your kin.

Incest creates a monster like Sawney Bean. Adolf Hitler was born out of incest, his father and mother were related, uncle and niece biologically.

Taste of Paradise?

Nao is sickly brakon (brother-complex). Karen Carpenter was a famous brakon. She got really jealous whenever Richard dated a girl. She tried everything she could to break them up. Obsessive monopolistic desire. Yahweh complex, monotheistic deity’s complex. That’s the reason why exogamy has been discouraged. “I don’t like you at all, big brother!” Translates, “You’re mine. You should only desire me, only worship no other than me. Since I’m your deity! But you don’t desire me anymore, so I hate you! I will curse you till your fourth generation!” When brother turns into apostate, or jahiliyyah.

Girls with fazakon (father complex) always say, “There’s no better man than my father.” These girls date older men twice as their age, like Anna Nicole Smith. “There’s no better guy than my big brother.” Of course, they can’t have sexual relationship with their own father or big brother, so their current boyfriends or husbands are substitutes for incest.

In turn, there are a lot of mazakon otoko (mother complex men) like John Lennon. In Italy, bamboccioni are dominating all over the Roman cities. And what’s worse, Nao’s brother is sisukon (sister-complex)!

Wicked siblings, irredeemable.

Many cosmologies around the world are based on incest, and so is the mating of Adam and Eve. With the fruit of “knowledge,” these siblings got to “know” each other. The fruit of incest. Thus, taste of incest! Allegedly, the universe started with incest, such as Izanagi and Izanami knew each other, not by the guidance of serpent, but wagtail, in Japanese, sekirei, yes, Sekirei is about that. Wagtail was the first sex educator in Japan!

Revivalism of Legend of Soto-orihime?

Now, the age of incest is over. Homogeneous culture is incestuous. So, I wanted to get out of that incestuous culture, and move to the land of exogamy, my exodus, America. The land of free! In fact, our president is multicultural, a product of exogamy. So, I thought in America I would be able to date freedom girls, by hoping that electing a minority into office would help a minority kid like me. Yet, I failed to experience exogamy, and I see no sign of it, in fact they want to kick out immigrants like us, and even trying to deny children of immigrants the 14th Amendment. “No more anchor babies!” To prevent Americans from dating immigrants, they might even take green card away, eventually leaving us with red card. Yes, America is becoming incestuous again. I feel like a gentile in exile. Therefore, I’m going to move to 2-D, that’s moexodus, and that’ll be moegamy. Moe + gamy = moegamy. So, my itinerary has been endogamy ➝ exogamy ➝ moegamy.

Endogamy is not paradise but hell. Moegamy is the paradise! Moe is the true taste of paradise!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

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  1. Good thing it turns out they’re not siblings after all, at the end of the episode 🙂
    Otherwise I would not bother to watch it anymore… Because you’re right, incest is sick!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Semi-Otaku! Right, in Japan, an adopted child is allowed to marry a step sibling. In America, depends on which state. Yeah, incest is sick!

      1. What’s your thoughts on incest and homosexuality? Can one be right and the other wrong, or can both be correct or both evil? Why do you hold to such a position?

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