Nyan Koi! Episodes 3 & 4 – The Plot (and the Breasts) Thickens

Nyan Koi! continues it’s growth from its bland 1st outing, gradually improving with each subsequent episode.  Episodes 3 and 4 continue this trend by fleshing out the feelings and motives of the main cast while introducing more characters (Typical anime formula, continue adding more and more characters each episode till you run out and then are forced to move forward with the plot).  All of this while continuing the vague plot of Junpei solving cat problems so he won’t get cursed and die.

Episode 3 introduces Chizuru Mochizuki, college student and local mailwoman with no sense of direction, who also seems to be secretly a pervert.  Junpei decides to help her out with some deliveries, while fulfilling cat requests in the process, till the pair are spotted together by numerous members of the supporting cast (Kanako, Junpei’s Sister, and Mizuno) and misunderstandings ensue.  Yes, we’ve seen that before.  It’s another romantic comedy/harem anime staple, the:

Character A:  “Gasp!  Those two characters have been seen together!  Does that mean they are a couple?”

Character B: “No, no! It’s all a misunderstanding!”

*Character A bonks Character B on the head*

*Character B reminisces about what he loves about Character A or C or D or whomever. Etc, etc…*

Still it was a good episode and Chizuru made me laugh out loud a few times, so that’s always a plus.

Episode 4 I’m tempted to say is the best one yet, introducing what seemed to be a typical anime rival character, Nagi Ichinose.  Oh ho hum, I yawned right before the show surprised me a great/fun little twist (That I’m not going to spoil here so don’t ask.  Go watch the show.  Slackers.)  Nagi, thinking that Junpei is making Mizuno unhappy, challenges him a dual.  Unfortunately, Junpei doesn’t show up, causing Nagi to wait for three days at the dueling spot before running back and confronting him at school.  Again, shenanigans ensue, and somehow the entire cast ends up at Nagi’s house where we are treated to more mischief, Yakuza, an odd cat request, and a fan service bathtub scene (Is it just me or did Kanako’s breasts get gigantic overnight?).   This episode also does a good job continuing the trend of the 3rd episode, learning more about what these characters want and what they truly think about each other.

I’m happy to say I’m really enjoying Nyan Koi! now.  Both these episodes were a lot of fun and have me really looking forward to watching the next one.


Episode 3 – B

Episode 4 – A


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