MM 01 – would you like to get your ass kicked by a pretty girl?

Oh boy, this can be a fun thing for many people, including one prominent person on our staff who used to imagine that Asuka (from EVA) would treat him like crap, just like how she treated Shinji.

Taro has a really bad problem. However, he loves it when the problem explodes. We have the modern tsundere – with long hair but maintains a violent attitude – kicking him, hitting him with baseBALLs, telling him how disgusting he is. That girl is played by one of the KissxSis girls (Riko, I believe).

Think Lelouch finally goes insane (same voice-actor) and asking CC or someone to physically abuse him.

Oh it’s a fun spectacle all right, I just hope none of you guys actually like to have a bishojo abusing your ASSES. Yes, I MEANT asses. But hey, this is why anime is fun and it helps me to forget the REAL WORLD, which sucks ass and needs to be smashed. For you BL fans, Taro’s best friend dresses up and gives him a special treat at the end. But it’s Taro getting punched, KICKED, treated like crap and enjoying every bit of it that makes the entire adventure fun! XD For some reason, I’m feeling his pain! XD AND RIERIE is in this show!!!

The director and the animator of Samurai Seven talked about having Rierie stepping on them and how they’d love it because Rierie was so beautiful.

She still is and I’m waiting for her to use Taro as a doormat.

I hope this turns into the “torture venture” of the week so that I can enjoy the spectacle.

By the way, which of you wished that Asuka would treat you like crap?

Author: Ray

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6 thoughts on “MM 01 – would you like to get your ass kicked by a pretty girl?

  1. Holy moly, let me start off by expressing my shock that the new season of anime is already here. To the topic at hand. I have not seen this show yet, but it sounds really… [word here.] I’ve always been a little leery of M guys. Although, I’m excited to no end to here that Rie-chama is in this one. As for Asuka… I’m a Rei fan who votes that the the last half of Eva would have been much different if someone had just backhanded Asuka once. Once, is all I ask. 😛

    1. Indeed, I felt the same way about Asuka near the end and yeah, I was more of a Rei fan, comparatively speaking. But overall I was more into Misato (Sailor Moon). Mitsuishi Kotono was my first seiyuu crush. 😛
      I hope Rierie gets more screen time in this show. She hasn’t been in a major role for a while now.
      On a side note, new shows means actual episode write ups (I hope), cause our viewership has dropped to a new low! XD

  2. Hahaha! Yeah, Rierie! A teacher at health center. Fu…fumaretai…

    Taro’s best friend is a crossplayer like Hideyoshi! That was really funny! If Taro was ikemen and bishonen, fujoshi would’ve loved the abuse. Yeah, bishojo abusing our asses is extreme, but it’s still skinship, right? Yeah, f@ck the Real World! Down with the skinshipless world! Needs to be smashed with tsundere’s bassBALL bat!

    1. Who wouldn’t want a bishojo kicking his ass? XD
      The real world does suck and it needs a lot of smashing.
      Go Rierie!

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