Megadere (護くんに女神の祝福を!) Episode 2 details/thoughts

Last time on Megadere…

We learned that Ayako makes an unlikely confession to a shortie…ah hem, shouta named Mamoru, and we learned that it’s fun to provoke Ayako, who seems to be in love for the first time of her life, and she’s ultra powerful with a super heated temper when it comes to people messing up her moments with Mamoru, and we learned that it’s fun to see Ayako blows up…Oh, and we learned that someone steals something…Starfire, that’s it! It’s a device made by Ayako in the show for non-beatrix users, and…the world is in danger! This time, I’ll try to spare you all of the details (ha ha). So, let’s get on with the wackiness. Consider the spoiler alert is in effect.

Mamoru takes the train and rushes into the school, and as he walks into the school grounds, h hears a explosion, and he lifts his head up and see a window on the 3rd floor is blown out!

He decides to rush to the scene.

With the alarm bell ringing loudly in the background, he rushes toward the location where the explosion happened, he runs past by a broken sign that says “For Takasu Ayako use only room No. 2.”

As he rushes to the room itself, he is greeted with …

As Ayako gets extremely pissed off about the starfire gets stolen, and can’t stay calm,

she turns and sees Mamoru among the student council members staring at her madness…(uh oh).

She’s shocked and embarrassed that Mamoru sees her madness.

And the world is saved! Thanks to Mamoru the shouta!

However, there has to be consequences for embarrassing the Beatrice (the Demoness of Beatrix), and the council leader shall pay…

Back to the council chamber, they discusses the case of the stolen starfire, and they decide to send Mamoru with Ayako. Ayako first refuses, but after Mamoru persuades her with a smile, she reluctantly agrees.

Bad move, bad move indeed.

(and we have the Beatrice Giant Swing! When does Ayako stops, nobody knows!)

Mamoru discovers by accident who the real culpit is (oh, like we couldn’t have guessed it).

It’s a dognap!

So, Ayako and Mamoru goes on to find the real criminal who kidnapped the dog, and to get the Starfire back.

…Of course they go on a date first. Ayako wants to feed him, and of course, we know what happens.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

oh, and they enjoy every minute of it, even the getting slammed by a table and falls off a rooftop.

Next, after some time, Ayako asks how Mamoru feels about her, but…

Like we’ll their feelings will clear up only on 2 episodes. Right.

So she goes ahead to find the criminal (I wonder if we care about the criminal at this point), the criminal turns out to “disabled” Beatrix at the place, and Mamoru goes to the rescue!

(hey, he’s already saved the world once!)

Oh, and here’s a shot of the bad guy, who seems to be winning.
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Then before he could fire off a shot (yes, that is the starfire – a gun), Mamoru powers up like a super-seiyan! Just kidding.

And Mamoru saves the day!

The student council forgives Yuuka

(that’s the person who stole the starfire), oh btw, Ayako’s the Security Chief of the school, hence she’s a council member as well. But do we really care about that? Oh, and the leader gets to piss off Ayako once again at the end, and he gets what he richly deserves.

(You think you’re getting away with a small punishment?)

…Wait, there’s more! And Someone finally confesses!

And we have Sakura petals rising!

End of Spoiler Alert.

My thoughts:

The show continues with the same wackiness as last week, but at least we’re not waiting for 50 episodes before the main characters do something. The supporting cast is great as usual. Now if all the paparazzis in the world is as good as Mistuki, the stars would have no private lives at all! Damn, she’s good, and she gets out of danger every time.

It’s still funny, and if some English fansubbers do pick this one up, I’m sure many people would appreciated it very much. It’s not great, but it’s definitely worth a good laugh. Takahashi Mikako, who plays Ayako, does a great job here. Before anyone could pick this up though, if you can get access to a good copy and can understand the Japanese, or the Chinese fansub, why not give it a shot?

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