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Koihime Musou ep 03 – walk like an Egyptian

Walk like an Egyptian! Now!
Walk like an Egyptian! Now!

So, anybody imagined En Shou (Yuan Shao) being a pompous, jouoh-sama tsundere-like character that talks like a spoiled ojousan? Me neither.

But, as a moe-craving Otaku, this show serves up everything today’s Otaku could ever want – girls, yuri, fan service, women in embarrassing situations (sumo topless with a…funny…sumo outfit)

Guess who?

When I realized the 2 girls next to Reiha (En Shou/Yuan Shao) were Ga Ryo (Yan Liang) and Bun Shu (Wen Chou), I was stunned and then I laughed my ass off.

My oh my oh my…Two of the supposedly dumbest and ugliest generals in the fictional novel in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms becomes cute but dumb girls that would do anything to keep their jobs. Priceless.

Both get to walk like an Egyptian, too. Oh and magical girls.

The crowd went…dumbfounded.

Yes, that's there for your feminine comfort.

Ling-ling I mean Cho He (Zhang Fei) decides to help out by entering a tournament because she played a clumsy girl at the maid cafe in ancient Chinese version of Akiba – wow, ancient China must be cool (yeah, right) – and she meets Ba Cho (Ma Chao). Both beat the crap out of other contestants (male contestants didn’t get any screen time) and then as a contest for spots on Reiha’s general roster, a contest with 3 tests is held. Yeah…Dumb and dumber and dumberer…

But for the fan service/yuri/girl action craving Otaku in me, this was a great episode!

Your run-of-the-mill crowd in Akiba

Don’t forget Sou Sou (Cao Cao) the little tsundere genius with the poisonous tongue.

Good for someone craving an anime diet with cheese and sugar, preferably made into cheesecakes.

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