Illya, cutism, kawaii, rezu-rezu-janou. Already fin?


Ahhh, Illya series already ended? So sad…saudade, as if my love affair has just ended…short-lived koi…I didn’t really enjoy the plot though, the story was rather boring, so the only reason I was watching this show is because of Illya. She is ecstatically moe! And this anime turned into my ultimate pleasure, turned into yuri! Rezu-rezu-janou (So lesbian), an expression from Manyuu-Hikenchou. Illya’s best friend, Miyu is totally a gachi-rezu (serious hardcore lesbian), an awaken lesbian in elementary school, 5th grade!

If Picasso started cubism, then, Sei Shonagon started cutism thousand years ago. And then today, Kawaii anime characters. Kawaii idols. The notable one is Kyari Pamyu Pamyu, yes, very cutist.

Illya is a bro-con, she just loves onii-chan, Emiya Shirou, her half brother. Both Shirou and Illya’s father, Emiya Kiritsugu, voiced by Koyama Rikiya, whom we interviewed, and does voice for the pink bunny doll manager in Servant x Service, never showed up in this particular Fate series. Yes, I think that was a good decision, because Kiritsugu is a scum of earth in Fate/Zero, written by Gen UrobuchiHe represents everything against moe. So I don’t think he can appear in moe anime like Illya spin-off. His mere presence would have ruined Fate/Illya. All this anime needs to do is show how cute Illya is, which was pretty successful achieving its purpose. Creating a pig farm, buhi!

Ahh, Illya is so cute. Buhi. Illya mistakes Miyu for her brother because she was half-sleep. Then, she realizes that she just kissed Miyu, mouth to mouth. Then, that awakened Miyu’s sexuality. At first Miyu is taken aback, but Miyu says, “No, I was just surprised. But if you want it, I will work hard to meet your expectations. If you tell me beforehand…” Then, Illya goes, “No, I’m not lesbian!” This totally a Kimashi moment!


Then, she follows everywhere Illya goes. She is sticking to Illya like a glue. And she tries to keep away whoever wants to approach Illya. She becomes so over-protective of Ilya, “Don’t get near around Ilya, she is mine.” Oh no, crazy. This is really insane. Yan-rezu (yanderu (sick) + lesbian). Oh man, what have you done to her, Illya? Just like Yuno the yandere in Mirai Nikki, stalking Yukki all the time.



Illya is ero-kawaii (erotically cute).  And she has strong libido as well. As magical girls requirement is strong libido. Sex magic by Aleister Crowley is a good example. Maiden’s love power!

Yes, in Japan, there are a lot of kinds of kawaii. Pocha-kawaii (chubby cute). Yuru-kawaii (relaxed cute). Guro-kawaii (grotesque cute). Busa-kawaii (ugly cute). Dasa-kawaii (lame fashion kawaii). Kimo-kawaii (repulsively cute). Yes, I’m a kimo-ota (repulsive otaku), but some girls should find that I’m kimo-kawaii, so they can objectify me, right? Japanese collective unconsciousness can virtually turn everything into kawaii, even the unattractive parts, shortcomings and faults, and I’ve been heavily counting on that. So far, no luck though…well, since I was born…saudade. How long do I have to wait? Well, Mikasa is also kimo-kawaii. She got kimoi abs. Yes, the fugly part is even kawaii. So, beautifugly is kawaii as whole. And Ilya is an ero-kawaii type.

A lot of lolicons have screamed, “elementary school girls are the best!” Well, I don’t think so, but I admit Illya is exceptionally kawaii. So many pigs have emerged in this anime. Buhibuhi. As Sei Shonagon has said, small is kawaii! The embodiment of kawaii and moe, Illya! The best cutist anime of the season!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe